ZTE Axon 30 Black
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ZTE Black Friday starts now featuring a price drop on Axon-series smartphones, but the most notable is that it is the first price-drop offer for the latest model Axon 40 Ultra post-launch. Additionally, Axon 30 series will be available at the best-ever price.

ZTE 40 Pro

Product Discount
Axon 40 Ultra  $/€/£ 50 OFF
Axon 40 Pro   $/€/£ 80 OFF
Axon 30 Ultra $/€ 300, £260 OFF
Axon 30 $/€ 200, £160 OFF

Time   Discount
Nov 14th, 8pm HKT – Nov 15th, 8pm HKT 50% OFF on Axon 30 Ultra 12+256GB
(NA store: 50% OFF on Axon30 Ultra 8+128GB)
Nov 16th, 8pm HKT – Nov 17th, 8pm HKT 50% OFF on Axon 30 8+128GB
Nov 23th, 8pm HKT – Nov 24th, 8pm HKT $/€ 100, £80 OFF on Axon 40 Pro 8+128GB

All smartphone orders that occur during Black Friday will come with free shipping and LED lamps!


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