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Schneider Electric is unveiling the latest additions to its smart and sustainable home energy management portfolio: EVlink Home Smart charger, the all-in-one integrated Wiser App and Matter-ready Wiser.

Schneider’s technology is revolutionising how homeowners manage and consume their energy loads, in a bid to tackle climate change and sharply rising energy costs. With customers tightening their purse strings and the effects of extreme weather being felt across Europe, the need to understand and take action to reduce energy consumption has never been more paramount.

World’s first EV charger to intelligently charge your car

Schneider Electric’s new EVlink Home Smart charger is the first on the market to integrate seamlessly into the wider home energy ecosystem, empowering users to monitor EV power consumption in real-time, predict spending, and set budgets with ease with four different modes: ‘charge now’, ‘green charging’, ‘cost effective’, and ‘customised schedule’. This market-leading solution offers homeowners the complete energy control they’ve been craving.

Furthermore, it can fully integrate with the wider Schneider Electric Wiser ecosystem to ensure users can charge EVs with renewable energy and the cheapest tariff at home. EV charging adds an extremely heavy energy load to the home, increasing home energy consumption by up to 40%. With the Wiser home energy system, homeowners can avoid skyrocketing bills and prepare for a more sustainable future, with just a few taps on the App. Using the ‘cost effective’ mode, Wiser creates the most efficient schedule based on the cheapest electricity tariff, while ‘green charging’ only uses renewable electricity sources. Plus, Wiser stops charging each time consumption reaches the homeowner’s power limit contract, ensuring bills stay under control, forever.  

schneider electric

Wiser’s intelligent energy management system automatically balances the loads to enable minimal disruption and maximum efficiency for homeowners. For instance, if they begin cooking, the system syncs with Wiser to understand energy consumption in real time in conjunction with other appliances to avoid any disruption or tripping. It brings ultimate convenience, allowing you to charge your car without interrupting the rest of your lifestyle.

Connect your Wiser system to any Matter ecosystem, for complete home energy management

Schneider Electric is launching a Matter-ready Wiser Gateway, which will make the Wiser ecosystem Matter-compliant. Homeowners will have three different ways in which to control the energy use of their homes: through a voice control device such as Amazon’s Alexa, the Wiser smartphone App, or any Matter system.

The full range of devices planned to be Matter-ready is being previewed at IFA. With these devices, we are enabling customers to connect them to any Matter ecosystem, along with other devices, no matter the brand.

By providing consumers with complete remote control of their smart home devices, such as radiator thermostats, energy monitors, presence detectors, light switches and more, customers can reap the benefits of connected smart technology and gain more valuable insights to understand where they can make efficiencies.

All-in-one Wiser App is the one-stop shop for Home Energy Management

The foundation of effective Home Energy Management is the Wiser system App that’s able to monitor the entire electricity consumption in the house and monitor all the appliances, in particular the biggest energy guzzlers. 

Understanding how, when and where energy is used is more important than ever as consumers look for ways to make savings. With Wiser, consumers enjoy full visibility of the electricity and energy sources they use, enabling data-backed decisions on appliance use. The App provides a live view of power flow and a history of consumption to help homeowners make more informed decisions. Similarly, it tracks daily bills and offers AI-powered hints and tips on how to shift behaviours and use electricity when tariffs are at their lowest, as well as prioritizing the greenest energy source. It also compares homeowners’ energy usage to similar homes and advises how the most efficient performers are managing usage to reduce consumption and costs. 

The Wiser App also does the same for heating, removing the chance of any power-exceeding costs. With smart heating management control, homeowners can remotely monitor and adjust the temperature of each room in their house and automatically reduce setpoints in unoccupied rooms. Through the Wiser App, homeowners can also adapt heating according to the weather and home insulation—all for an energy bill saving of up to €540 per year (£450 as a study in the UK has shown).

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