AV seasonal Xmas XBOOM XO3 (5)
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LG is launching its latest promotion, offering up to 50% off on LG Speakers between 23rd August and 19th September. The perfect companion for any students going to university, or those who are looking for great savings on speakers! If your readers are studying or entertaining, the LG range of Bluetooth speakers can help to create a vibrant atmosphere in any living space.

Light up the mood with the LG XBOOM Go XG7 and save £100 when purchasing. This speaker is perfect for students starting or going back to university as it’s got a compact, portable design as well as IP67 water and dust resistance and top sound quality.

Readers can sit back and unwind after a long day of lectures with the LG XBOOM XO3’s tranquil glow of steady, stable lighting. Or kick the party up a notch with the LG XBOOM XL7S. LG’s newest party speaker sounds as bold as it looks and is made for creating memories at university house parties.

If you need something powerful yet portable


AV PortableSpeaker PN2B 2

  • A sleek, rounded design with a rubberised finish
  • Meridian’s leading technology brings high-resolution audio
  • Sound boost amplifies sound power and widens the sound field
  • IPX5 rating meaning the speaker can get wet and keep on working
  • 10-hour battery life gives the freedom to enjoy music on the go without worrying about needing to charge

RRP: £49.98

Sale Price: £29.99

If you need all-around sound


AV seasonal Xmas XBOOM XO3 (5)


  • With LG’s patented* technology, an optimal reflector structure allows sound to disperse evenly and equally in every direction
  • Set the vibe and elevate your every moment through three modes of mood with nine lighting presets
  • Use the XBOOM app to set your favourite 360° lighting on the speaker. Choose from 16.8 million colours to enhance your immersion and elevate your experience every time you listen to music

RRP: £299.98

Sale Price: £199.99

If you need a party on the go


av xboomgo xl7s 300dpi 01

  • LG XBOOM XL7S has an 8-inch Giant Woofer. It provides a more powerful bass, delivering a deep and bold sound to the crowd
  • Whether inside or outside hear high-frequency notes clearly. It has two 2.5-inch dome tweeters, delivering better sound
  • Dynamic Pixel Lighting offers animation presets. You can display colourful patterns, visual EQ, or characters on LED panel


RRP: £599.98

Sale Price: £499.99

Promotion is valid from 00:01GMT on 23rd August 2023 until 23:59GMT on 19th September 2023. Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply.

Device  RRP*  Promo Price  Saving  
PL2  £49.98 £29.99 40%
XG7QBK  £199.98 £99.99 50%
XL5S  £399.98 £299.99 25%
XL7S  £599.98 £499.99 17%
XO3QBK  £299.98 £199.99 33%