LG upto off 20 percent of TVs
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Today, LG, an official partner of The FA, is unveiling its latest promotion, allowing customers to enjoy up to 20% off on all TVs and a generous 50% off on soundbars when purchased alongside an LG TV between 13th May and 11th June 2024.

As the nation gears up for a summer packed with international football and sports excitement, fans everywhere are eager to enhance their viewing experiences. LG’s cutting-edge technology delivers the stadium atmosphere to your living room with remarkable viewing angles ideal for group gatherings, stunning OLED visuals, and immersive sound quality – making LG the ultimate choice for every enthusiast.

LG upto off 20 percent of TVs

At the forefront of innovation, the LG OLED evo G4 4K Smart TV is designed to take your viewing pleasure to unparalleled heights. Boasting features like AI Picture Pro, Motion Pro, Brightness Booster Max, and WOWCast, the G4 seamlessly integrates with LG Soundbars, transforming your living space into a stadium-like environment this summer.

LG’s lineup of soundbars, including the USE6S, perfectly complements LG OLED TVs, ensuring that every word of the punditry is crystal clear.

For the fans

LG OLED evo G4 65-inch

OLED65G45LW Front 1

  • Alpha 11 AI Processor provides 6.7x faster AI performance, 7.7x improved graphics and 2.8x processing speeds.
  • Select your favourite images, and AI Picture Wizard creates a picture tailored to your unique taste from 85 million possibilities and saves it to your profile.
  • Come day or night, Brightness Control detects the light in your space and balances the picture accordingly for crisp and clear visuals.

RRP: £3,299.99

20% off: £2,639.99

For the Sunday supporter

LG OLED evo C4 48-inch

OLED48C46LA Front 1 (1)

  • Obliterate tears and lags with AMD FreeSync Premium, G-Sync compatibility, 144Hz Mode and VRR built in.
  • The sound system detects the layout of your room and where you’re sitting to create a dome of sound around you, perfectly tuned to your room’s unique acoustics.
  • 100% colour volume boosts rich hues, while 100% colour fidelity preserves shades without distortion.

RRP: £1,499.99

20% off: £1,199.99

For the professional pundit

LG USE6S Soundbar

LG USE6S Soundbar

  • LG Soundbar combines with Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X to bring realistic spatial sound to your room. It surrounds you from all sides, letting you feel the immersive sound with every scene.
  • Triple Level Spatial Sound provides a more immersive and accurate sound experience, using an HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) related 3D engine, the soundbar creates a virtual middle layer meaning the sound layers realise sophisticated surround sound that you would only experience in theatre.
  • Variable Refresh Rate(VRR) up to 120Hz provides a nearly instantaneous response time giving you an advantage for gaming and creating a realistic viewing experience.

RRP: £499.99

50% off when bought with an LG TV: £299.00

42 48 50 55 65 75 77 83 86 97 98
G4 RRP £2399.99 £3299.99 £4499.99 £6999.99 £24999.99
G4 Sale £1919.99 £2639.99 £3599.99 £5599.99 £19999.99
C4 RRP £1399.99 £1499.99 £1899.99 £2699.99 £3799.99 £5999.99
C4 Sale £1199.99 £1119.99 £1419.99 £2159.99 £3039.99 £4799.99
B4 RRP £1699.99 £2499.99 £3499.99
B4 Sale £1359.99 £1999.99 £2799.99
QNED91 RRP £1699.99 £2499.99 £3799.99
QNED91 Sale £1359.99 £1999.99 £3039.99
QNED85/86/87 RRP £949.99 £1099.99 £1399.99 £1999.99 £3199.99
QNED85/86/87 Sale £759.99 £879.99 £1119.99 £1599.99 £2559.99
QNED80 RRP £1099.99 £1699.99 £2999.99 £5499.99
QNED80 Sale £879.99 £1359.99 £2399.99 £4399.99