ScanWatch 2 & Light
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In a groundbreaking leap for wearable technology, Withings has once again redefined the landscape of health and style with the announcement of its latest innovations ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light. Building on their legacy as the world’s first hybrid watches, Withings presents a comprehensive lineup tailored to diverse lifestyles and health requirements. These new timepieces don’t just tell time; they empower users to take charge of their health with unprecedented ease and elegance.

Elevating the Hybrid Connected Watch Sector

Withings’ ScanWatch lineup stands out as a disruptive force in the smartwatch realm, offering an exquisite alternative to bulky smart devices strapped to the wrist. These watches are not just visually stunning; they boast advanced health-tracking capabilities that surpass industry standards. Thanks to their innovative technology, continuous health measurements are effortless and autonomous, eliminating the need for daily battery charges.

Full Range ScanWatch 2
Full Range of colours for the ScanWatch 2

ScanWatch 2: The Ultimate 24/7 Health Tracker

The original ScanWatch garnered attention for its FDA clearance in atrial fibrillation detection using ECG and oxygen saturation monitoring (SpO2) from the wrist. But ScanWatch 2 takes the game to an entirely new level. With an array of enhanced sensors and software, it is optimized for seamless continuous health monitoring and precise assessment of emerging health metrics. These new capabilities encompass variations in baseline body temperature, female cycle tracking, heart rate variability, and automatic recognition of over 40 activities.

Designed to facilitate round-the-clock health tracking over extended periods, ScanWatch 2 boasts a remarkable 30-day battery life – an industry benchmark. It surpasses its predecessor in tracking advanced health metrics while retaining its analogue elegance, making it an indispensable guardian of health that effortlessly complements any outfit.

Engineering Excellence: Precision Redefined

Drawing from over a decade of experience in tracking health vitals on millions of wrists, ScanWatch 2 emerges as the flagship of Withings’ hybrid watches. Its sensor hardware and HealthSense – Withings’ proprietary operating system – receive substantial upgrades. These enhancements culminate in its most accurate tracking capability to date, thanks to cutting-edge sensors and algorithms. Notable upgrades include:

  • MultiWave PPG Sensor: Leveraging 4 wavelengths and 16 PPG channels, this sensor adds a new layer of accuracy to measurements.
  • High Dynamic Range Accelerometer: This addition enables precise identification and automatic tracking of activities and workouts, expanding the roster of automatically detected sports.

Efficiency Meets Empowerment

ScanWatch 2 doesn’t just measure more; it does so more efficiently. With updates to the Withings HealthSense OS, PowerSense Pro now optimizes health measurements’ timing, maximizing battery life and recording accuracy. It even detects when the watch isn’t worn, preventing unnecessary tracking. These OS updates enhance the user experience by enabling more interactions directly on the watch or within the Withings App, ensuring a continuous flow of new features and product improvements.

Full Range ScanWatch Light
Full Range of colours for the ScanWatch Light

Revolutionizing Body Temperature Tracking

Enter TempTech24/7, a pioneering module that revolutionizes body temperature tracking. By combining a miniaturized heat flux sensor with high-accuracy temperature sensing, alongside heart rate and accelerometer input calibrations, ScanWatch 2 achieves unparalleled body temperature variation assessment. This innovation not only detects potential illness onset but also enables precise management of workout temperature variation zones.

Embracing the Cycle of Life

A revolutionary feature for women, ScanWatch 2 empowers them to seamlessly track menstrual cycles directly on their smartwatch. This holistic approach allows women to log cycle stages, symptoms, moods, and emotions, providing insights that align with their monthly needs for optimized sleep, activity, and nutrition. This new capability is integrated into the Withings App, granting users greater control over their health journey.

ScanWatch Light: Affordable Excellence

For those embarking on their health journey, Withings offers ScanWatch Light. Affordable and comprehensive, this model offers advanced health tracking for continuous daily care. With heart health, activity tracking, cycle tracking, and sleep monitoring, ScanWatch Light delivers a holistic overview. Sharing the HealthSense technology with its premium counterpart, it offers around-the-clock monitoring for up to 30 days.

Health Specs for All Needs

For a detailed technical comparison between ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light.

Comparative Chart UK ScanWatch Light & ScanWatch 2

Health Beyond Boundaries

While most smartwatches prioritize communication and entertainment, Withings watches and the accompanying app revolve around health. The Withings App serves as a comprehensive health data hub, featuring innovative measurements, health assessments through the health improvement score, actionable insights, expert content, and motivational messages. It also enables the creation of individual health reports, including menstrual cycle data for women, which can be shared with physicians.

Setting a New Standard

In the words of Eric Carreel, Founder and President of Withings, “The extraordinary new ScanWatch are timepieces that represent a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless design, setting a new standard for health monitoring and style.” With ScanWatch 2, health becomes an integral part of daily life, encouraging proactive health management.


ScanWatch 2 (38 & 42 mm) is available for pre-orders on starting at £319.95. ScanWatch Light (37mm) is also available for pre-orders at £229.95. Both models will be widely accessible from selected retailers from October 2023. With their OLED grayscale displays and optional coloured wristbands, these watches epitomize the perfect blend of health, style, and innovation.