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Withings has recently introduced BeamO, an innovative 4-in-1 health assessment device set to disrupt the health tech landscape. Termed a “multiscope,” this cutting-edge device will place the capability to measure fundamental health indicators, typically acquired during medical appointments, directly into the palm. Following FDA clearance, BeamO will soon become available in the United States.

What makes BeamO exceptional is its amalgamation of ECG, oximeter, stethoscope, and thermometer sensors, transforming the traditional thermometer into a comprehensive tool for monitoring heart and lung health. Compact and smaller than a smartphone, it’s crafted to empower individuals and families to conduct at-home health checkups, significantly enhancing the quality of telehealth consultations.

BeamO with heart and lung US 01 16 9

Eric Carreel, Founder and President of Withings, expressed, “BeamO is a game-changing multiscope device. Previously, body temperature was the sole at-home health metric. Now, BeamO will revolutionize the assessment of crucial vitals typically measured during clinical visits, all within the comfort of one’s home. This data offers a pivotal snapshot of overall health or potential warning signs, allowing for daily assessments rather than sporadic checks in clinical settings.”

Carreel highlighted, “BeamO signifies the thermometer of the future, offering the ability to not just gauge temperature but also monitor the condition of the heart and lungs.”

He emphasized the significance of BeamO in the context of post-pandemic telemedicine, stating, “While remote healthcare has become commonplace, it lacked the capability for healthcare professionals to perform routine checks in the absence of physical visits. BeamO bridges this gap by integrating four different medical functionalities into a single device, enabling remote assessments.”

BeamO boasts a multitude of sensors utilizing light waves to interpret blood flow patterns, temperature, and acoustic information, consolidating multiple functions within a handheld device:

  • Hand-to-Heart Functionality: Equipped with Photoplethysmography (PPG) and electrodes along its sides, BeamO conducts blood oxygenation (SpO2) and heart rate readings simultaneously, along with a medical-grade 1-lead ECG. A simple handheld grip triggers real-time measurements displayed on its dynamic coloured LED screen, providing users with immediate feedback.
  • Advanced Temperature Measurement: BeamO utilizes a noninvasive scan of the temporal artery to deliver precise and stable core body temperature readings. This second-generation hotspot sensor, an enhancement of Withings Thermo sensor technology, incorporates a mono-element thermophile that refines the focus of the infrared beam for contactless measurements. This improvement enhances the scan’s sensitivity, rendering it more resilient to variations in distance from the skin or movement.
  • Cutting-edge Auditory Health: Integrating a state-of-the-art digital stethoscope, BeamO captures acoustic sound waves from the chest or back via a Piezoelectric disc. With user-friendly tutorials, individuals can obtain accurate measurements of heart and lung health. Equipped with a USB-C to jack adapter, results can be heard through headphones and seamlessly transferred, stored, and shared within the app. During telehealth consultations, audio streaming enables healthcare professionals to guide device placement and concentrate on specific areas of interest.

With these features, BeamO performs a comprehensive 4-in-1 health assessment encompassing body temperature, heart, and lung health in under a minute. It has the capability to alert users to potential fever and infections and can detect possible cardiovascular issues, including atrial fibrillation (Afib) post-FDA clearance. Afib is among the most prevalent forms of arrhythmias, and BeamO provides alerts in case of abnormal heart rates.

A Complete and Secure Health Record: By seamlessly syncing with the Withings app through Wi-Fi, BeamO generates comprehensive health records over time. To enhance the tracking of individual and family health journeys, Withings introduces new functionalities within the Withings App for BeamO and its entire line of connected health products.

This integration simplifies the tracking of health statistics over time, allowing users to record and share their readings. Through the Withings app, users can access their complete history of health measurements, along with interpretations and actionable advice. Furthermore, family medical health histories can be uploaded and, when necessary, shared with healthcare professionals and family members. The app also enables multiple family members to create individual profiles for utilizing and sharing Withings devices.

Additionally, for the first time, the Withings App enables users to input details about medications they are taking, set alerts and reminders for administering them at the appropriate times, and log usage and side effects. This information can be shared with doctors to manage dosage and effectiveness.

Availability: Recognized as a CES Innovations Award Honoree, BeamO will be showcased during CES at the Withings Booth (LVCC NH #8637). Retailing at £199.95, BeamO is anticipated to be available in June 2024.