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In a resolute move to eradicate language barriers, Pocketalk, a trailblazing force in language translation technology, introduces its latest offering: Pocketalk for Business. This breakthrough signals an expansive stride into customized translation solutions designed explicitly for corporations, businesses, and establishments of all sizes.

This brand extension introduces cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, including Geneva, offering a seamless digital experience with instant translations for audiences; Sentio, a web-based solution for both virtual and in-person meetings; Vox, delivering high-speed translation capabilities; and Ventana, an administrative panel for translation control and insights.

The Pocketalk for Business suite, comprising Geneva, Sentio, Vox, and Ventana, provides precise, swift, seamless, and secure translated conversations for diverse scenarios. These groundbreaking solutions break down language barriers across various sectors, including enterprise, healthcare, education, social media, and events.

Having successfully sold over a million devices since 2018, Pocketalk’s evolution into a global communication company takes a significant leap with Pocketalk for Business. This software suite addresses the dynamic needs of modern organizations. Today, not only global corporations but also smaller entities are embracing foreign workforces to address labour shortages, which in turn pose communication challenges.

Pocketalk Logo

The introduction of Pocketalk for Business follows closely on the heels of the strategic alliance with SoftBank, setting the stage for further innovation. This partnership focuses on selling a million Pocketalk handheld devices and supporting the suite of enterprise solutions, including the ones unveiled at IFA. This collaboration enhances Pocketalk’s reach and sales channels, transforming global communication.

Let’s delve into each of the novel solutions:

  1. Geneva – Enabling Audience Inclusivity

Geneva revolutionizes multilingual interactions in audience settings like conferences, classrooms, and training sessions. Through a QR code scan, participants gain access to content in their preferred language via their smart devices. This empowers organizers to deliver content to diverse audiences, fostering a global exchange of ideas.

  1. SENTIO – Facilitating Multilingual Collaboration with Live Translation

As global workplaces expand, real-time translation is essential. SENTIO, a GDPR and HIPAA-compliant browser-based service, uses Whisper technology developed by OpenAI. It enables users to converse in their languages during meetings or virtual platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

  1. Vox – Enriching Your Content Library with Video Translation

In an era dominated by video content, Vox steps in to offer real-time, accurate, and secure translations. Compatible with various platforms, Vox translates video content, including movies, training materials, documentaries, and social media content.

  1. Ventana – Master Real-time Translation Control

Ventana empowers businesses with real-time translation insights and device management. This administrative panel allows the grouping of Pocketalk devices, remote management, and data insights into device usage, enhancing communication efficiency.

Noriyuki Matsuda, President and CEO of Pocketalk, states, “Language is the final hurdle for us to truly become a global marketplace, workforce, and community.” Pocketalk for Business responds to this challenge by offering solutions that empower people worldwide to communicate effortlessly.

Pocketalk will be showcasing these solutions at IFA during Showstoppers and Hall 11.2 Stand 118.

Geneva, Sentio, Vox, and Ventana will be available in the UK by the end of 2023, with pricing details to be confirmed upon availability.