Honor Best of IFA 2023 awards
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HONOR unveiled its cutting-edge foldable smartphones at IFA 2023 in Berlin, Germany, showcasing the HONOR Magic V2, the lightest and slimmest inward foldable smartphone, and introducing the concept of the HONOR V Purse, an outward foldable device. These groundbreaking devices offer a plethora of style options and avenues for self-expression.

Both foldable smartphones from HONOR received widespread acclaim, with numerous leading global media outlets bestowing them with the coveted title of “Best of IFA” for the year. This recognition underlines the innovative engineering and forward-thinking phy-gital and sustainability concepts that HONOR has brought to the foldable sector.

Honor Best of IFA 2023 awards

At IFA 2023, HONOR garnered 36 awards from the media, The HONOR V Purse, in particular, received high praise from Android Headlines, dubbed it “Best of IFA 2023.” They lauded it as not just a phone but also a fashion statement and a conversation starter, making it one of the standout announcements at the event. GSMArena also commended HONOR for its out-of-the-box thinking in the design of the HONOR V Purse.

Meanwhile, the HONOR Magic V2, the world’s lightest and slimmest inward-foldable smartphone, made a significant impact. TechRadar awarded it the title “Best of IFA 2023,” noting its ability to instantly overshadow the competition and elevate the foldable phone category. XDA-Developers also recognized the innovation that the HONOR Magic V2 brings to the foldable market, highlighting its remarkable slimness and weight, which outshone even the iPhone 14 Pro Max when folded.

HONOR’s presence at IFA 2023 has solidified its position as a leader in the foldable smartphone arena, with its groundbreaking designs and innovative concepts capturing the attention and admiration of both media and tech enthusiasts alike.