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In a groundbreaking move, EE has unveiled the first glimpse of its forward-thinking strategic plans for its home broadband service. In collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, EE is set to introduce cutting-edge in-home hardware in the near future, featuring Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 platforms. This initiative forms a vital part of EE’s ongoing mission to provide consumers across the UK with best-in-class home connectivity, positioning them at the forefront of the global transition to the next generation of Wi-Fi technology.

While existing Wi-Fi standards, such as Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6, have offered a reliable experience for consumers thus far, EE is gearing up for an era where technology is set to evolve exponentially. Propelled by multi-gigabit Full Fibre broadband, the coming years will usher in a wave of transformative services, including cloud gaming, immersive AR/VR experiences, and 4K/8K video streaming. Additionally, the average household is projected to double its number of Wi-Fi-connected devices in the next five years. These seismic shifts will undoubtedly elevate the demands placed on in-home networks, necessitating the development of enhanced in-home solutions.

Leveraging the wealth of experience and expertise housed within the world-leading BT R&D teams at Adastral Park, EE, as the lead brand for the consumer Group, is continually scouting new technologies in hardware, software, and services. This relentless pursuit ensures that EE customers will enjoy the same premium experience in the years to come.

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Building upon a long-standing collaboration in the mobile space, EE has joined forces with Qualcomm Technologies to expand its partnership into the realm of home broadband with the introduction of Wi-Fi 7 generation offerings. This partnership promises to deliver advanced wireless and service management capabilities, poised to redefine the Wi-Fi experience for EE customers.

EE’s forthcoming next-generation home broadband router will incorporate Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 platforms, a move set to revolutionize Wi-Fi as we know it. Wi-Fi 7 introduces a host of game-changing features, including the utilization of an extra 6GHz channel with a 320 MHz channel bandwidth, offering significantly broader capacity (compared to Wi-Fi 6E’s 160MHz). The introduction of Multi-Link Operation allows data to be seamlessly transmitted over multiple bands simultaneously, while 4K QAM promises up to a 20% increase in peak data transmission performance.

In sum, these innovations will empower EE customers to enjoy multi-gigabit Wi-Fi coverage throughout their homes, boasting faster speeds, minimal interference, greater capacity, and superior performance. This new era of connectivity will cater to the high-bandwidth activities of the future, providing customers with customizable options tailored to their individual needs.

Excitingly, EE’s home broadband customers are poised to be among the first in the world to access the next generation of Wi-Fi, with the inaugural EE Wi-Fi 7 router anticipated to make its debut in 2024.

Marc Allera, CEO of EE, enthused, “We have a long history of collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies to create innovation in mobile for consumers, so we’re delighted to evolve this strategic collaboration into our in-home products for the first time. EE broadband customers will be among the first globally to benefit from access to a certified next-gen Wi-Fi 7 home hub, providing them with cutting-edge of innovation in connectivity.”

Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated, shared his excitement, stating, “We’re very proud to partner with one of the leading innovators in this industry to drive the transition to next-generation broadband technology. Expanding our collaboration beyond 5G to include our leading-edge Wi-Fi 7 platform is further evidence of our mutual and long-term commitment to transforming the ways UK consumers work, learn, connect, and are entertained.”

Stay tuned for further details about EE’s Wi-Fi 7 next-gen home broadband Smart Hub, which will be announced closer to its highly anticipated launch. EE is poised to revolutionize the way we experience connectivity, setting the stage for a new era of home broadband.