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Sennheiser’s audiophile headphones have been crafted at the company’s exclusive factory in Tullamore, Ireland for over three decades, serving as the epicentre of Sennheiser’s continuous innovation in audiophile headphone technology. On the upcoming date of 27th September, the brand will unveil its innermost sanctum to the public for the first time, inviting visitors to embark on guided tours through their cutting-edge facility, which houses iconic audiophile gems like the renowned HE 1.

The Sennheiser Audiophile Experience Centre in Tullamore, Ireland

The brand-new Sennheiser Audiophile Experience Centre in Tullamore, Ireland, will also offer an extensive auditory “tasting” of the diverse range of headphones and earphones meticulously crafted on-site. Audiophiles from around the world will have the extraordinary opportunity to win an unforgettable trip to this exceptional campus through competitions hosted on Sennheiser’s social media channels and Reddit.

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Jermo Köhnke, Sennheiser Audiophile Product Manager

Jermo Köhnke, Sennheiser’s Audiophile Product Manager, expresses, “In Tullamore, everything culminates: from the assembly of transducers to the final packaging of our exquisite headphones. Visitors can immerse themselves in the entire journey our audiophile headphones undertake. We take immense pride in inaugurating the Audiophile Experience Centre, enabling individuals to encounter firsthand the essence of audiophile innovation.”

Tullamore – The Heartbeat of Audiophiles
Since 1991, the Sennheiser Tullamore facility has stood as the nucleus of audiophile innovation. It has long been the primary hub for producing the transducers used in numerous iconic audiophile products from the brand. For over two decades, it has also been the birthplace of the acclaimed HD 600 series headphones. In 2022, Sennheiser made the strategic decision to unite transducer manufacturing and headset assembly under one roof in Tullamore—a rarity in the headphone industry. This integration not only enhances transducer consistency but also elevates the overall quality and innovation that customers have come to expect and adore from Sennheiser.

Pat Fulton, Sennheiser Tullamore Plant Manager, affirms, “Audiophile assembly is a complex craft that demands time, precision, attention to detail, human interaction, and above all, unwavering passion. All these elements converge here in Tullamore, and our team takes immense pride in sharing this with future visitors from across the globe.”


A Journey into the Audiophile Realm
Renowned as one of the foremost audiophile headphone brands, Sennheiser eagerly anticipates welcoming visitors to experience the enchantment and devotion woven into the creation of their products. Throughout the guided tour, guests will witness the intricate assembly of transducers and headphones. Furthermore, each visitor will have the opportunity to actively participate in constructing their own headphone, guided by key members of the Tullamore team. Of course, no audiophile tour would be complete without an intimate look at the assembly process of the legendary HE 1, accompanied by immersive listening sessions in the factory’s dedicated hi-fi room.

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Embark on a Journey to the Future of Audio
In the upcoming months, Sennheiser will extend an exclusive opportunity to members of the audiophile community to win ‘golden tickets,’ granting them access to an all-inclusive tour of the Tullamore factory. To ensure an intimate and personalized experience within a live, dynamic production environment, the Audiophile Experience Centre tours will currently be available on an invitation-only basis.