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Get ready for an unparalleled cycling experience! The UCI Track Champions League, in collaboration with Infinite Reality, is introducing an innovative mobile metaverse encounter, a groundbreaking first in its category. Dive into the immersive world by downloading “UCI TrackChampionsLeague-Verse” from the App Store.

Former UCI World Champion Matthew Richardson and reigning Olympic Champion Kelsey Mitchell will be virtually greeting fans worldwide, bringing a face-to-face experience to a whole new level in this immersive virtual world.

Starting from Round 4 in London on November 10, fans will have the chance to engage with each other and delve into the UCI Track Champions League like never before.

As of November 8, cycling enthusiasts can access this unprecedented virtual world that leverages Web3 technology, courtesy of the collaboration between Infinite Reality (iR) and Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe’s events division. This metaverse experience is set to provide on-demand content to fans globally, offering a unique perspective on track cycling and its athletes.

After a successful metaverse preview and platform development post the 2022 season, the full experience will be accessible to fans leading up to the final UCI Track Champions League rounds in London. Following the races, Matthew Richardson and Kelsey Mitchell will participate in live meet and greets, allowing fans worldwide to discuss recent performances face-to-face in real time.

The metaverse, situated within a virtual velodrome and purpose-built event village, offers fans a range of immersive features, including public and private lounges, live biometric rider race data, on-demand content, and customizable camera streams. Fans can take control of their experience, navigating through the metaverse with ease and interacting with a dynamic environment.

Recent studies from the National Research Group highlight the growing trend of fans seeking deeper connections with their sports, with technology playing a crucial role. The launch of the UCI Track Champions League metaverse experience aligns with this trend, providing new fan engagement opportunities alongside global coverage through platforms like Discovery+, Eurosport, and GCN+.

Chris Ball, Vice President of Cycling Events at Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe, expresses excitement about engaging fans on a deeper level during the 2023 UCI Track Champions League. Francois Ribeiro, CEO of Infinite Reality, is proud to deliver an interactive and deeply immersive environment, marking a milestone in sports metaverse experiences.

To join this groundbreaking cycling adventure, fans can download the UCI Track Champions League-Verse from the Apple App Store, with Android and Desktop versions coming soon. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Matthew Richardson and Kelsey Mitchell virtually during Rounds 4 and 5 from London on the 10th and 11th of November, respectively. Stay updated on the 2023 UCI Track Champions League series at ucitrackchampionsleague.com.