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Have you ever experienced the frustration of dropping your phone cord near your nightstand? Do you find yourself needing a better way to manage cords around your desk or during your travels? Introducing CordBrick, an innovative device and cord solution developed by Naples-based serial entrepreneur Nick Barrett, also known as “CordBrick Nick.” Crafted from silicone and weighted with steel, this patented product boasts a unique design that seamlessly adapts to any charging situation. With no adhesive involved, CordBrick can be utilized repeatedly.

Available in various colours, including a limited availability glow-in-the-dark option, CordBrick is the ideal stocking stuffer for anyone with a phone. But how does it work? The device effectively weighs down and organizes cord ends using a specially designed brick of silicone. It’s versatile enough to wrap cords for travel, and unwrapping is a breeze. Featuring six dedicated channels, CordBrick can hold four cords and wrap/grab two cords and phones. All six channels can accommodate Apple AirPods and even items like pens.


Nick Barrett’s journey from DUIs and jail to creating a winning product culminated in CordBrick being awarded the “Coolest Product” at NRF 2023, earning him a $10,000 prize. Currently listed as an Amazon Launchpad Product, CordBrick has garnered acclaim for its practicality and effectiveness.

Barrett explains the inspiration behind CordBrick, stating, “My cord was constantly slipping off the side of my bed when I was ready to sleep. Frustrated by the lack of suitable solutions, I set out to create something to solve the problem. CordBrick allows you to keep your focus on work or sleep instead of rummaging behind a desk for cord ends. For the elderly, avoiding injuries from falls while retrieving fallen cords has been crucial. Additionally, phones stay reliably charged, and you can conveniently keep a cord within reach in various areas while maintaining a clear surface.”