coloros 14
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OPPO has officially launched the ColorOS 14 Global Version, marking a milestone as one of the premier operating systems based on Android 14. This updated OS brings forth the Aquamographic Design, integrating AI-powered smart functionalities to enhance efficiency. It also incorporates advanced proprietary technology for seamless performance and user-friendly tools that prioritize safety and privacy. With over 600 million monthly active users since its inception in 2013, ColorOS continues to enrich global user experiences by delivering smarter and smoother interactions.

coloros 14

ColorOS 14 introduces a refined Aquamographic Design, inspired by water, which builds upon the earlier ColorOS 13. This optimized design implements new sound effects, colour schemes, and interactions to streamline smartphone experiences, offering a more intuitive and concise user interface.

Acknowledging the impact of sound on user experience, OPPO collaborated with experts to design new Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and global UI sound effects. These enhancements aim to create harmonious audio experiences across OPPO devices, enriching user interactions.

Aquamorgraphic Colouring System

The upgraded Aquamorgraphic Colouring system intelligently adapts to various factors like screen content, time, and device status, enhancing information comprehension and offering a more immersive user experience.

A new feature, Aqua Dynamics, facilitates intuitive interactions by presenting information in bubbles, capsules, and panels that seamlessly expand from the status bar, ensuring minimal disruption.

Go Green AOD

Continuing its commitment to innovative features, ColorOS 14 enhances the award-winning Always-On Display, introducing the GO Green Always-On Display. This feature raises awareness about climate change and environmental protection, aligning with OPPO’s vision of technology with kindness for the world.

ColorOS 14 incorporates AI-powered smart features that significantly boost efficiency. Smart Touch allows users to collect content from various sources and consolidate them effortlessly. The File Dock on the Smart Sidebar enables easy content sharing across apps and devices, enhancing productivity.

Smart Image Matting empowers users to crop and edit subjects from images or paused videos, enabling easy personalization or sharing with friends.

To ensure ultra-smooth performance, ColorOS 14 features the upgraded Trinity Engine, comprising ROM Vitalization, RAM Vitalization, and CPU Vitalization. These components optimize resource management, memory, and computing power, significantly enhancing smartphone smoothness and stability.

Additionally, ColorOS 14 introduces Smart Charging, Arctic Mode, and meticulous safety and privacy features. The Picture Keeper feature enhances privacy by preventing unauthorized access to personal photos or videos.

Furthermore, ColorOS 14 integrates Snapchat features such as the lock-screen shortcut and Shelf widget, providing quicker access to Snapchat updates and functionalities.

coloros 14 global beta

The global rollout of ColorOS 14 commenced with the Global Beta Version in October, starting with selected regions and the Find N2 Flip in specific markets.