Rokid Max AR Glasses
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This limited-time Black Friday deal offers a rare chance for consumers to purchase top-rated AR glasses at a more affordable price point. With stock limited, units will be sold on a first-come basis until 27th November or sold out.

Rokid Max AR Glasses

The 5477 offer a high-quality visual and auditory experience along with comfort and versatility:

  1. Visual Experience: With a remarkable FHD 1080P OLED display, a wide 215″ screen size, a 50° field of view, and a high refresh rate of 120Hz, the glasses provide immersive and vibrant visuals suitable for gaming and entertainment.
  2. Compatibility: These glasses are designed to be versatile, and compatible with a wide range of devices. They can be connected using adaptors to consoles like Switch, Steam Deck (with direct connection), PlayStation, and Xbox, also Phones, Tablets, and Laptops, enhancing the gaming and viewing experience across various platforms.
  3. Brightness and Clarity: With a perceived brightness of 600 Nits, the visuals are likely to be sharp and clear even in various lighting conditions, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  4. Professional-Grade Acoustics: The Rokid Max glasses offer high-quality audio, providing a discreet yet delightful listening experience. This professional-grade audio capability likely adds depth and immersion to the entertainment or gaming experience.
  5. Comfort and Fit: The glasses are designed for comfort, featuring adjustable nose pads, an ultra-lightweight of 75g, and a carefully balanced design from front to back. These aspects ensure a comfortable fit for most face shapes, allowing users to enjoy extended periods of use without discomfort.

From now until the 27th of November 2023, the Rokid Max will be marked down 20% from $379 to just $299 on Amazon – the lowest price ever offered