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IPEVO, a renowned figure in professional video conferencing globally, has just unveiled its latest innovation: the IPEVO VOCAL HUB Wireless Audio System. This cutting-edge system comprises the IPEVO VOCAL HUB along with the potential to connect up to six IPEVO VOCAL wireless speakerphones, featuring state-of-the-art two-way AI noise reduction technology. The VOCAL HUB marks a significant advancement in the conferencing landscape by offering unparalleled serial connections, swift setup capabilities, and adaptable spatial coverage.

IPEVO makes a splash in the industry by launching its new wireless audio conferencing system, consisting of VOCAL, a smart Bluetooth speakerphone with AI two-way noise reduction, and VOCAL HUB, a wireless audio conferencing host, which connects to up to 6 speakerphones, which is industry’s largest number among the currently available solutions.

Designed as a direct response to the evolving demands of enterprises, the VOCAL HUB empowers organizations to cater to diverse conferencing environments, elevate the quality of conferencing interactions, and significantly boost productivity in hybrid meeting scenarios. This innovative solution from IPEVO is poised to redefine the conferencing experience, enabling businesses to navigate the changing landscape with enhanced efficiency and flexibility.

Effortless Setup and Rapid Implementation! Embrace Wireless Freedom with Adaptable Range. The impact of subpar sound quality on conferencing effectiveness cannot be overstated. Numerous studies have highlighted the substantial strain digital audio places on our cognitive faculties, far surpassing that of processing regular sounds. Within video conferencing contexts, inferior sound quality significantly hampers productivity, compelling individuals to expend up to 35% more mental energy to comprehend discussions. Enter the VOCAL HUB—an intentional antidote crafted precisely to tackle this prevalent issue head-on.

The VOCAL HUB’s fundamental purpose revolves around combating the challenges posed by inadequate sound quality during video conferences. Its design and functionality are meticulously engineered to alleviate the burdens imposed on participants due to compromised audio, thereby ensuring seamless communication and heightened efficiency during collaborative engagements. This wireless solution stands as a beacon, promising a smoother, more energy-efficient conferencing experience that maximizes comprehension and minimizes cognitive strain.

Since its launch in May this year, the IPEVO VOCAL has garnered remarkable acclaim from customers. This wireless speakerphone, renowned for its 360° sound coverage and innovative two-way AI noise reduction, has stood out in the market. Its excellence has been recognized through multiple accolades, including awards at prestigious events like ISE (Integrated Systems Europe), InfoComm—the professional audio and video equipment exhibition held in Orlando, USA—ISTE (the educational technology exhibition in Philadelphia, USA), and other notable tech awards.

One of the key distinguishing features of the IPEVO VOCAL is its ability to be paired with up to six speakerphones within the VOCAL HUB system. This flexibility allows users to tailor the system precisely to their requirements. They can seamlessly adapt to any conferencing space, regardless of its shape, thanks to the 15-meter range offered by the VOCAL HUB. The absence of cumbersome wires liberates users from spatial constraints, enabling them to create an immersive and engaging meeting environment that fosters seamless communication and collaboration.

Experience effortless upgrades for your existing conferencing rooms or effortlessly equip any space for conferencing with the versatile capabilities of VOCAL HUB. Whether it’s enhancing your current setup or establishing a new audio system at your convenience, VOCAL HUB offers seamless adaptability.

For businesses utilizing shared office spaces, connecting to VOCAL HUB via Bluetooth empowers your team to elevate the sound pickup quality and extend the range of their mobile devices. This feature enhances flexibility and ensures consistent audio quality, regardless of the workspace’s layout or size.

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IPEVO’s new VOCAL HUB can be connected to multiple VOCAL speakerphones via Bluetooth, with a connection range of up to 49 ft (15 meters). It is suitable for all kinds of meeting space configurations, allowing communication free of spatial limits.

Planning a business relocation or expanding with new conference rooms? VOCAL HUB simplifies the transition by allowing easy adjustments to the number of connected speakerphones, perfectly tailored to the dimensions of the new conference space. This scalability ensures optimal audio coverage without hassle.

For the pinnacle of video conferencing experiences, complement VOCAL HUB with IPEVO’s TOTEM video camera series. Designed to integrate seamlessly, this combination delivers an unparalleled video and audio collaboration environment, setting the stage for immersive and high-quality virtual meetings.

The IPEVO VOCAL HUB Wireless Audio System boasts an array of compelling features:

  1. High Scalability: Connect up to 6 VOCAL speakerphones simultaneously, providing adaptable spatial coverage to suit various conferencing environments.
  2. Convenient Wireless Capability: Versatile for any conference room setup or table arrangement, offering hassle-free installation sans cables.
  3. AI Noise Reduction Technology: As the pioneer in two-way AI noise reduction, the IPEVO VOCAL ensures an enhanced audio experience, effectively minimizing disruptive background noise.
  4. Broad Compatibility: Seamlessly upgrade your current conferencing setup, achieving comprehensive and flawless sound coverage without the need for extensive overhauls.
  5. User-Friendly Controls: Easily manage and control multiple connected speakerphones remotely, simplifying operational convenience.

In the pipeline, IPEVO plans to launch the 2-VOCAL DONGLE later this year. This innovation enables the simultaneous connection of two VOCAL wireless speakerphones, catering specifically to smaller meeting spaces. This extension further amplifies the adaptability and flexibility of IPEVO’s audio solutions, catering to diverse conferencing needs.

Aaron Lee, the General Manager of IPEVO, highlighted, “Entering the conferencing industry, we’ve identified prevalent challenges, including sound delays during hybrid meetings. Our wireless audio system addresses this concern by minimizing delays, even when all six speakerphones are connected. This ensures users can fully concentrate on communication without disruptions. The VOCAL HUB’s wire-free design facilitates swift deployment, significantly reducing setup time.”

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