OnePlus 12R Blue
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OnePlus unveiled the inaugural glimpse of the OnePlus 12R, marking its arrival as the second addition to the OnePlus 12 Series and the debut of the OnePlus R Series in global markets. Showcased in Cool Blue and Iron Gray variations, this device, in tandem with the OnePlus 12, challenges the notion that a smartphone must bear the tags “Plus,” “Pro,” or “Ultra” to deliver top-tier hardware specs and an exceptional software experience.

OnePlus 12R Blue

Distinguished Colour Offerings

The OnePlus 12R is set to debut in two distinct colour options: Cool Blue and Iron Gray. The Cool Blue variant boasts a glossy finish, exuding a light, refreshing allure, while the Iron Gray variant offers a matte texture, imparting a sophisticated and robust feel. Both hues sport a matte metal frame, ensuring a reassuringly sturdy grip, and house the renowned OnePlus Alert Slider, now positioned on the phone’s left side. This shift facilitated OnePlus’ introduction of an integrated antenna system, optimizing performance for immersive online gaming sessions, establishing the OnePlus 12R as an ideal gaming haven.

Global Expansion of the OnePlus R Series

Originating with the OnePlus 9R in 2021 and progressing through the OnePlus 10R in 2022 and the OnePlus 11R in 2023, the OnePlus R Series had previously been exclusively available in India and China. These devices, tailored as performance-oriented flagships, prioritize providing users an unparalleled mobile gaming experience. Acclaimed for their unwavering focus on performance, utilization of cutting-edge technology, and affordability, the OnePlus R Series is now set to venture into North America and Europe for the first time. This expansion comes in response to the growing global demand for graphically intense mobile games, reflecting OnePlus’ commitment to meeting user expectations.

10 Years in the Crafting: Crafting the OnePlus 12 Series to Tackle Industry-Wide Challenges in Performance, Power Efficiency, Heat Management, and Durability. Offering distinctive features, the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R empower users to prioritize their preferences in their next smartphone.

Anticipate the unveiling of these flagship phones at the OnePlus Smooth Beyond Belief Launch Event scheduled for 19:30 IST on 23rd January 2024.