XGIMI Horizon Max
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XGIMI, the renowned projector and laser TV brand, is poised to unveil a suite of groundbreaking technologies and partnerships at CES 2024. These innovations include ISA 5.0 (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) and Dual Light 2.0, alongside collaborations with IMAX & DTS, Google, and MediaTek. These cutting-edge advancements and partnerships will debut alongside XGIMI’s latest 2024 projectors, commencing with the IMAX Enhanced certified HORIZON Max showcased at CES 2024.

XGIMI Aladdin
XGIMI Aladdin its a ceiling light, it’s a speaker, it’s a projector Credit XGIMI

Also on display is Aladdin, a soon-to-be-released 3-in-1 smart projector lamp and speaker, acknowledged as a 2024 CES Innovation Award honoree and XGIMI’s inaugural smart home-connected product. CES 2024 attendees can experience HORIZON Max, Aladdin, and other remarkable XGIMI technologies firsthand at LVCC, Central Hall – 22515.

Revolutionizing Home Entertainment with IMAX Enhanced Certification HORIZON Max, anticipated to launch in late 2024, stands as the world’s first Long Throw smart projector certified with IMAX Enhanced capabilities, bringing IMAX’s renowned picture and signature sound directly to households. This certification, previously reserved for higher-priced projectors, underscores XGIMI’s commitment to delivering inclusive premium-grade entertainment.

XGIMI Horizon Max
The 4K Horizon Max features ISA 5.0 for easy placement with Google TV for easy Netflix, and a bright 3,100 ISO lumens Credit XGIMI

Apollo Zhong, CEO and founder of XGIMI, emphasized, “With the HORIZON Max, we’re reshaping home entertainment, offering a cinematic experience previously exclusive to high-end projectors. HORIZON Max sets a new industry standard with IMAX Enhanced certification, further enhancing our projection technology and aiming to bring the theatre experience to every home.”

A Projector Revolutionized: ISA 5.0 Technology XGIMI introduces ISA 5.0, a revolutionary Intelligent Screen Adaptation technology, utilizing hardware and software enhancements to redefine smart projector engineering. HORIZON Max, equipped with a fully automated motorized gimbal, autonomously locates optimal projection positions on various walls, seamlessly adapting its settings for specific surfaces. This technology enables an effortless transition between gaming and movie watching while offering users unparalleled convenience and control over projected content.

Enhanced Picture Quality with Dual Light 2.0 HORIZON Max elevates picture quality through Dual Light 2.0, integrating a dual-light source system for unparalleled viewing experiences. The inclusion of a Triple laser and phosphor light within the proprietary optical engine ensures extended colour range, high brightness (3,100 ISO Lumens), contrast (2000:1 native contrast ratio), and colour accuracy, setting a new benchmark for home entertainment standards.

Expanding Innovation to XGIMI’s Lineup XGIMI plans to incorporate Dual Light 2.0 and ISA 5.0 technologies into more of its projectors in 2024, spanning both portable and home systems.

Aladdin: A Multi-functional Smart Device XGIMI unveils Aladdin, a product combining a smart ceiling lamp, high-end projector, and connected speakers. Aladdin delivers a cinematic experience of up to 100 inches from the ceiling, eliminating traditional projector concerns and optimizing living spaces. Its innovative design prioritizes user safety while seamlessly integrating into existing home decor, offering a versatile entertainment solution.

Strategic Collaborations and Future Prospects XGIMI’s collaboration with MediaTek heralds a transformative era in projector technology, utilizing MediaTek’s advanced chips across its premium product line. Together with Google TV, they aim to introduce intelligent projection solutions, marking a significant stride in the evolution of smart projection technology and enhancing home entertainment experiences.