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Puro Sounds Labs has announced the newest children’s headphones to its lineup the PuroQuiet Plus headphones. Building on the success of its predecessor, the PuroQuiet, the PuroQuiet Plus introduces new features and design enhancements.

The PuroQuiet Plus headphones now come equipped with a USB-C connector and boast two alluring colour options, namely purple and teal, expanding the range’s visual appeal. Currently available in red and blue, with more colour options set to follow, these wireless kid’s headphones can be purchased on Amazon at an RRP of £115.

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These cutting-edge headphones incorporate exceptional features, including high-quality aluminium construction and plush noise-isolating ear pads. The Puro Balanced Response curve and digital signal processing (DSP) ensure outstanding clarity, with volume-limiting functionality to prevent potential ear damage. The PuroQuiet Plus delivers a natural sound experience akin to that of a finely tuned listening room, offering crystal-clear audio across the entire spectrum – from deep bass to high frequencies – thereby reducing the need to raise the volume excessively.

With its advanced digital signal processing, the imperceptible volume limiting at 85dB ensures a safe and natural listening experience. The PuroQuiet Plus also boasts an active noise cancellation feature, capable of suppressing ambient noise levels by up to 22 dB, complemented by 82% noise isolation. This feature provides an unparalleled listening experience even in the noisiest environments, enabling children to focus on their content without disturbance. Additionally, it can be a valuable tool to calm children in loud and unfamiliar settings, alleviating noise-related stress.

Notably, Puro Sound Labs is the pioneer in achieving Certified Sensory Inclusive status. Other key features include the latest Bluetooth profiles for high-quality wireless audio, a highly sensitive microphone for calls or gaming, and an impressive 23-hour battery life with ANC.

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Designed to maintain suitable volume levels for children while offering a balanced sound signature, the PuroQuiet Plus adheres to the recommended 85dB volume limit by Hearing Health Foundation, OSHA, and the World Health Organization. Utilizing Bluetooth v4.0 technology, these headphones provide seamless wireless connectivity up to 30 feet, ensuring convenient control for parents from a distance.

Weighing a mere 169g, the super-soft protein leather-wrapped headband and ear cushions provide all-day comfort, complemented by a smooth sliding arm for easy adjustments to suit different head sizes. The PuroQuiet Plus, constructed with AL6063 aluminium for enhanced durability, is available in six stylish colours that kids will adore. Its fold-flat design ensures easy portability during play and travel. The Puro Sound Lab’s PuroQuiet Plus wireless kids headphones are available on Amazon in red and blue, with additional colours to follow, at an RRP of £115.