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Today marked a significant milestone for SharkNinja as it unveiled a range of groundbreaking products at its first-ever EMEA Forum. Bolstered by strategic partnerships, robust distribution networks, forward-thinking engineering, and an unwavering commitment to understanding consumers and their needs, SharkNinja has not only expanded its market presence but has also achieved an impressive 80% increase in sales in the third quarter of the preceding year. Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, the company harbours ambitious plans for further growth.

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Shark FlexBreeze Fan

Central to SharkNinja’s success is its continuous innovation in product development. The company proudly announced the imminent introduction of 20 new products across its four distinct businesses – Shark Clean, Shark Beauty, Ninja Kitchen, and Ninja Outdoor. A pivotal move for SharkNinja involves its foray into new product categories in Europe, reflecting its dedication to a consumer-centric approach. Responding to the growing demand for outdoor solutions, the company revealed plans to launch a novel outdoor cooling category, featuring the innovative Shark FlexBreeze Fan and the Ninja FrostVault Cooler range.

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In a bid to enhance consumer convenience, SharkNinja is set to revolutionize the air purification sector with the introduction of its NEVERCHANGE  air purifiers throughout Europe. Additionally, the company has revamped the UK’s best-selling air fryer, presenting a new range of Double Stack Air Fryers designed to produce double the food without monopolizing valuable counter space.

SharkNinja has unveiled seven new products that will be released across the EU and the broader EMEA region this year, expanding its offerings in home environment, robotics, and wet and dry categories.

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Shark Matrix Robot


Key additions to the Shark Clean range include the powerful Shark Matrix Robot, the lightweight Shark StainStriker Pet Stain & Spot Cleaner, the versatile Shark HydroVac, and the innovative Shark Steam & Scrub mop with Steam Blaster Technology.

Shark R WD210UK InUse Kitchen MomWithKid RGB
Shark HydroVac

Shark Beauty is introducing its Shark SmoothStyle to Europe, a hair care tool employing advanced heated comb technology for shaping and smoothing hair. Meanwhile, the Ninja brand is set to launch 13 new products, with Ninja Outdoor presenting the Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker and the Ninja PROCHEF Connected Thermometer for enhanced cooking experiences.


Ninja Kitchen’s expansion in 2024 includes the introduction of the Ninja CREAMi DELUXE Ice Cream & Frozen Drink Maker and the Ninja Ceramic Cookware range. The blender range will see the debut of the Ninja Detect Duo Power Blender Pro, touted as the smartest blender yet, and the rapid cooker range will be expanded with the new Ninja Combi Multi-Cooker, Oven & Air Fryer.

Commenting on these developments, Tom Brown, SharkNinja President for EMEA, emphasized the company’s relentless drive to be a consumer-centric problem-solving machine. He expressed excitement about the thriving markets in Europe and the Middle East, noting strong demand and growth and signalling that the unveiled products and categories would be instrumental in propelling SharkNinja’s growth in the EMEA region throughout 2024 and beyond.