Honor Magic 6 Cameras
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With the surge in demand for mirrorless cameras is unmistakable, owing to their irresistible features that cater to photographers across all skill levels. Over recent years, mirrorless cameras have undergone continual hardware upgrades, solidifying their position as the preferred choice for photography enthusiasts. Notably, one standout enhancement is their ability to push the boundaries of shutter speed, a crucial factor in freezing fast-moving subjects and reducing motion blur. This advancement has proven particularly advantageous in sports, wildlife, and action photography, where the ability to capture rapid moments is paramount.

Responding to the growing popularity of sports photography and the increasing importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in imaging, smartphone manufacturers have intensified their efforts to enhance capture speed and image clarity. Recognizing this trend, HONOR has taken proactive steps to lead the industry in camera innovation. By integrating AI technology into smartphone photography and implementing significant upgrades in both hardware and software, HONOR aims to bring professional-grade photography capabilities to smartphones, enabling users to capture exhilarating sports moments with exceptional clarity and detail.

Honor Magic 6 Cameras

The HONOR Magic6 Series boasts an AI-powered Pro-grade Falcon Camera System, showcasing the brand’s unwavering commitment to camera excellence. It introduces groundbreaking features such as a remarkable 180MP Periscope Telephoto Camera Lens and an industry-first Customized HDR Sensor with ultra-large dynamic range capabilities. These innovations, combined with an ultra-large variable aperture, harness the power of AI technology to deliver an extraordinary photography experience.


HONOR once again upgraded its camera system on the upcoming HONOR Magic6 Series with a powerful hardware spec sheet and enhanced Falcon Camera System. This time, with a vast training dataset of 8,000,000 images, which is also an increase of almost 3000% data samples compared to the previous generation, HONOR AI Motion Sensing 2.0 can capture the best moments in more than 10 scenes.

Also, HONOR partnered with Cécilia Berder, a 3x World Champion, and 2x Olympic French Fencer, using the all-new HONOR Magic6 Pro to auto-capture the incredibly fast fencing moments with no compromise on the clarities. Demonstrating the HONOR Magic6 Pro as the best smartphone camera for sports like the Olympics this year.

The Pro-grade Falcon Camera System has been elevated to new heights in the HONOR Magic6 Series. With enhancements in dynamic range, light sensitivity, long-range vision, and dynamic visuals, this system sets a new standard in photography speed. The incorporation of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator technology ensures industry-leading focus speed, making the HONOR Magic6 Series a versatile and reliable tool for high-speed capturing across diverse scenarios.

The Sport Portrait Algorithm, featured in the all-new HONOR Magic6 Pro, enables photographers to effortlessly capture portrait shots with natural bokeh effects, even in fast-moving scenarios. Utilizing advanced motion detection and binocular depth estimation, this algorithm ensures precise adjustments to the background, resulting in pro-level image output with no compromise on detail or speed.

HONOR’s commitment to professional sportography is further demonstrated through enhancements to its telephoto lens package. Equipped with a remarkable 180MP Periscope Telephoto Camera and supporting optical zoom, sensor zoom, and Super Resolution up to 100X, users can capture subjects with unparalleled precision and clarity, even at a distance.

Addressing challenges related to capturing atmospheric sensations and achieving significant background blur, HONOR introduces the industry’s largest variable aperture. This innovative feature allows users to customize the depth of field while capturing an exceptional amount of light, resulting in stunning images comparable to those captured with a mirrorless camera.

The HONOR Magic6 Series also features upgraded AI Motion Sensing capabilities, enabling the intelligent identification and tracking of various motions beyond traditional sports activities. With a vast training dataset and enhanced AI algorithms, users can document their vibrant lifestyles with remarkable precision and detail.

To showcase its commitment to sportography, HONOR has collaborated with international elite athletes to produce cinematic films that highlight the remarkable capabilities of the HONOR Magic6 Series. These films showcase the camera’s ability to freeze fast-moving moments with unprecedented clarity and precision, elevating sportography to new heights of excellence.