05142023 Circular RomainGrosjean
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Circular has today introduced its inaugural brand ambassador – the esteemed professional athlete, former Formula 1 star, and current IndyCar sensation, Romain Grosjean. Building upon the successful launch of the Circular Ring Slim, acclaimed as the most intuitive smart ring globally, featuring unparalleled haptic navigation and alerts, this collaboration marks a significant milestone. It underscores Circular’s commitment to pioneering cutting-edge technological advancements that cater to the tracking and health management needs crucial for elite athletes like Grosjean.

This partnership marks Circular’s strategic foray into the high-performance realm of professional athletics. Romain is the premier athlete brand ambassador, paving the way for other eminent sports figures expected to join throughout the year.

For the past seven months, Grosjean has leveraged the advanced capabilities embedded within the Circular ring, enhancing his quest for peak performance in his athletic endeavours.

Equipped with sophisticated biosensors and personalized insights, the Circular ring seamlessly aligns with the rigorous demands of professional athletes. It grants Grosjean a competitive edge by facilitating comprehensive monitoring and optimization of his training, recovery, and overall well-being. Notably, Grosjean meticulously tracks vital metrics such as heart rate variability (averaging 78 ms) and resting heart rate (averaging 48 bpm) to maintain peak physical condition.

Grosjean emphasizes, “Incorporating the Circular ring into my daily routine has become essential. Each morning, I assess my sleep and energy scores to gain invaluable insights into my well-being, adjusting the intensity of my activities accordingly. Metrics like heart rate variability, resting pulse, and body temperature are indispensable for monitoring my fitness and overall health. Circular serves as a vital tool in optimizing my performance.”

In a symbiotic partnership to enhance user experience, Grosjean’s expertise and performance requirements play a pivotal role in shaping the Circular Ring’s functionalities. His firsthand feedback on performance metrics provides invaluable insights, offering a perspective unique to elite athletes. This input not only refines existing features but also inspires innovative functionalities.

Amaury Kosman, Circular’s Co-Founder and CEO, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration’s potential, stating, “Circular is poised to explore boundless opportunities through this partnership. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in wearable technology. Grosjean’s active involvement ensures that the Circular Ring remains at the forefront, catering to the evolving needs of elite athletes and everyday users alike.”