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Leveraging years of expertise and innovation from the digital audio Böhmer Audio, the Innit algorithm introduces a pioneering virtual 3-dimensional 360×360 spatial sound field. This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes sound localization in gaming, liberating players from the confines of conventional headphone audio and immersing them completely into the gaming realm.

Mark Nichols, CEO of Innit Audio, delves into the intricacies, stating, “Our ears are attuned to soundwaves from all directions, each with its distinct journey and modifications.

Aural Reality, as we term it, is our brain’s interpretation of these sounds into our perceived reality.” Innit re-establishes this natural auditory experience, reinstating sound sources convincingly within the listener’s surroundings.

Innit employs advanced audio processing methodologies to enrich sound vectors, infusing them with absent time domain information. This meticulous approach ensures seamless integration of all sounds, whether from competitive gaming ventures like Counter-Strike 2 or immersive odysseys like Star Citizen, into the 360×360 3D spatial sound field. The outcome is unmatched directional sound precision, mimicking real-world environments and erasing the boundaries between virtual and reality.

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Bernt Böhmer, the visionary behind Böhmer Audio and Innit Audio, reflects on the transformative potential of Innit in gaming experiences. “Innit sets a new standard for gaming audio,” he asserts. “Its immersive capabilities transcend mere simulation, placing players directly within the heart of the game.”

At launch, Innit offers two subscription models: a quarterly plan priced at $9.99 / €8.99 / £8.49 and an annual plan at $29.99 / €26.99 / £24.99, with a 25% discount. Additionally, for a limited time, a one-time license is available at $69.99 / €64.99 / £59.99, delivering years of unparalleled audio excellence at an exceptional value.

Innit Audio invites gamers and audio enthusiasts to embark on a new era of sound immersion. Join us on this beautiful-sounding journey, where each moment is a revelation in aural reality.

Gamers, and film, tv, and music lovers, can sign-up and download Innit directly from