Adaptive Display Watch
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At this year’s MWC 2024, Lenovo (Booth #3N30) is set to unveil its most advanced lineup of AI devices and infrastructure solutions yet, along with introducing two innovative device concepts that challenge conventional PC and smartphone designs.

Following the debut of its initial AI PCs at CES, Lenovo integrated AI technology into its ThinkBook, ThinkPad, Yoga, Legion, and ThinkCentre PC lineup. With a vision of “AI for All,” Lenovo’s focus at MWC will be on unveiling new AI PCs and edge computing solutions, aiming to make AI more accessible and mainstream for 2024/2025. The company anticipates that the rise of hybrid AI will drive demand for both AI PCs and AI smartphones, sparking another wave of industry innovation.

Designed specifically to support AI, Lenovo’s AI PCs are engineered to excel at tasks like reasoning, problem-solving, and learning. These devices foster a deep bond between users and machines, delivering personalized experiences enhanced by AI. With enhanced computing power and expanded storage, large language models (LLMs) can operate locally on the device rather than relying on cloud services. Over time, these models adapt to users’ preferences and behaviours, offering increasingly personalized assistance while prioritizing privacy.

Furthermore, Lenovo will unveil next-generation infrastructure solutions for the telecom sector, empowering businesses to leverage vast data resources at the edge for transformative AI applications at scale. These solutions aim to reduce energy consumption associated with cloud services while enabling the telecom industry to support the evolving needs of today’s digital economy. Lenovo’s Edge AI computing solutions are already making strides in cities like Barcelona and Madrid, employing video analytics and computer vision to enhance public safety and emergency response efforts.

Building on its hybrid AI for All vision unveiled at Tech World in October 2023, Lenovo is committed to driving intelligent transformation across all aspects of life and industry through AI innovation. The company pledged a US$1 billion investment in AI innovation, underlining its dedication to advancing the AI landscape.

Adaptive Display Watch

Additionally, Lenovo will debut two concept products at MWC for the first time at a public event. These include Motorola’s adaptive display concept, featuring a flexible FHD+ pOLED display that can be shaped to meet users’ varying needs, and a groundbreaking proof of concept for an innovative laptop form factor, developed in collaboration with the Intelligent Devices Group and Lenovo Research teams, pushing the boundaries of engineering, design, and user experience.