humax ecord home charger
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Humax, renowned for its digital TV recorders and smart home devices, has ventured into the UK EV charging market for the first time. With a 35-year legacy in manufacturing and automotive mobility, the South Korea-based company boasts a diverse portfolio spanning smart parking, fleet management, shared mobility, and electric vehicle charging, catering to a global clientele.

Expanding its smart EV charging solutions into Europe, Humax initiates its foray with a debut in the UK, supported by a robust customer support network. The inaugural offering, the Humax ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger, emphasizes ease of installation, featuring a versatile design suitable for wall mounting or pedestal placement, alongside durable construction and intuitive operation. Users can manage charging sessions manually or via the Humax ECORD Mobile App.

Installation and assistance will be facilitated through a dedicated partner, to be disclosed later this month, ensuring seamless survey, installation, and post-installation support services across the UK. Customers purchasing the Humax ECORD charger can opt for a home installation service as part of their online buying experience on the Humax ECORD website.

humax ecord home charger

Streamlined user experience is ensured through straightforward registration via QR code and setup via the mobile app. Charging activation options include RFID card swipe, plug-and-play, or app control, with charging session status visible on the front LED indicator and the app interface.

To optimize energy consumption, users can schedule preferred charging times, with the app learning usage patterns and tracking charging history. Multiple user profiles can be established for shared usage, with notifications indicating readiness for charging.

Compatible with solar energy systems, the Humax ECORD supports both ‘Solar’ and ‘Solar and Grid’ charging modes, enabling owners to leverage solar power while ensuring the vehicle’s full charge from the grid when necessary. Additionally, preset features facilitate off-peak charging during specified hours, enhancing energy balance and cost savings.

OZEV approval qualifies UK customers for a £350 grant towards installation where applicable, further incentivizing adoption. Jeff Kim, President of Humax, affirms the company’s commitment to sustainability and smart home integration through the ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger, backed by dedicated customer service and reliable post-purchase support.

Built to last, the charger boasts IP65-rated water- and dust-proof housing, along with integrated safety features such as PEN fault protection and RFID technology for access control. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Ethernet, with automatic firmware updates ensuring continuous optimization. The product is backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Pricing and availability: The Humax ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger will be available from March 28, 2024, with suggested retail prices of £599 (4m) and £649 (7m), VAT inclusive. Expect further announcements on additional Humax EV charger models in the coming months.