Humax Charger
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Humax has today announced the launch of its commercial EV charger line-up to the global market, following its successful entry into the home EV charger industry. Leveraging its extensive experience as a charging point operator in the Korean market and its robust global network, Humax is set to address the diverse needs of commercial customers with a range of products from slow to fast chargers.

At The Smarter E Europe 2024, which was held in Munich from 19th-21st June, Humax showcased its comprehensive line-up of commercial and home EV chargers. This event, recognized as Europe’s largest energy industry exhibition, provided Humax with a platform to form strategic partnerships, expand its portfolio and strengthen its market position.

One significant partnership announced is with HeyCharge, a German EV charging technology company. Together, they aim to develop next-generation electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, targeting the growing demand for convenient, cost-effective charging solutions. This collaboration is particularly focused on urban multi-family homes and office buildings, where reliable charging infrastructure has been lacking.

Humax Charger

Humax’s commercial chargers are OCPP-certified, meeting international communication standards and enabling smart charging capabilities. They support two-channel simultaneous charging and are equipped with LCD touch screens and LED indicators for efficient monitoring of the charging status.

By offering charging speeds suitable for various commercial environments such as public housing, highway charging stations, shopping malls, and office complexes, Humax aims to create business opportunities across multiple markets. The increasing global distribution of electric vehicles necessitates products tailored to a wide range of vehicle customers, a need Humax is ready to meet.

Following the successful introduction of ‘Turu Charger’, a CPO brand operated by Humax, the company plans to supply commercial chargers to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America. With this technology, Humax has already built and delivered more than 18,000 EV chargers in the Korean market.

Jeff Kim, President of Humax, commented, “Having successfully launched home EV chargers in Europe, Humax is now entering the global commercial EV charger market with a diverse line-up of fast and slow chargers. Our goal is to provide electric vehicle users with a hassle-free driving experience anytime, anywhere.”