Mixx Solo TWS
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Introducing the Mixx StreamBuds Solo True Wireless Earbuds range, Mixx presents a fusion of premium quality and affordability. These sleek earbuds combine functionality with chic design elements, boasting up to 18 hours of playtime, hands-free calling, customizable ear cushions, and touch sensor controls, ensuring both comfort and convenience. Available in capsule, hybrid, or silicon fit options, and featuring four elegant colour choices including black, white, champagne, and blue metal, the StreamBuds Solo range caters to diverse preferences. Soon to be stocked at PC World and HMV, these earbuds offer music enthusiasts the perfect blend of all-day wearability and style, all at an incredibly affordable £25.

Mixx Solo TWS

With 4.5 hours of playtime on a single charge and an additional 13.5 hours provided by the magnetic flip-top case, totalling an impressive 18 hours, the Solo earbud range ensures uninterrupted music enjoyment. Moreover, the quick charge feature offers an extra 2 hours of playtime in just 15 minutes, perfect for long commutes, travel, or continuous music playback throughout the day.

Mixx Solo TWS 2

Boasting automatic dual pairing and seamless reconnection upon removal from the case, these earbuds offer a hassle-free experience. The intuitive touch buttons allow users to effortlessly control music playback, manage calls, and access Google Assistant or Siri with a simple touch.

Addressing common complaints about earbud fit, Mixx provides a choice of capsule, hybrid, or silicon fit options, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for all users.

Committed to reducing plastic usage, Mixx’s packaging is FSC certified and crafted from sustainable sources, with any plastic components made from 30% recycled materials and fully recyclable.

The Mixx StreamBuds Solo range offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, delivering an accessible and affordable audio experience without compromise.