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Amid the looming mid-contract price increases on phone bills for millions of Britons this April, giffgaff stands out as one of the rare networks refraining from such hikes. To alleviate the burden of escalating phone expenses, giffgaff has devised a creative solution: instead of paying more for their contracts, customers can enjoy a complimentary takeaway treat, courtesy of giffgaff, via Deliveroo on 15th March.

Research conducted by giffgaff highlights the nation’s penchant for takeaways, with nearly a fifth (19%) indulging in them weekly. Takeaways serve as a popular indulgence, with 41% of respondents choosing them as their preferred treat, surpassing options like dining out, buying new clothes, or beauty treatments.

With pizza emerging as the nation’s top takeaway preference and phone bills poised to surge by almost £30 annually, giffgaff launches its ‘It’s the yeast we could do‘ campaign on March 15th. Through this initiative, giffgaff aims to distribute 1,000 free pizzas across the UK via Deliveroo, offering a moment of delight to those bracing for April’s price hikes.

According to giffgaff’s data, pizza reigns supreme as the go-to takeaway for over half (54%) of the population, closely followed by Chinese cuisine (51%). On 15th March, enthusiasts nationwide can secure a voucher covering the cost of their next pizza takeaway by visiting @giffgaffmobile on Instagram. With each voucher valued at £17.65, recipients can savour their pizzas from 15th March until the end of April.

These delectable vouchers will be up for grabs nationwide, prompting eager participants to act swiftly, especially in pizza-loving cities such as Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Norwich, Southampton, Belfast, Sheffield, London, Birmingham, and Nottingham.

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Ash Schofield, giffgaff’s CEO, expresses the company’s commitment to providing relief amidst the impending price rises, emphasizing their decision to spread cheer through everyone’s favourite takeaway. While giffgaff cannot prevent industry-wide price adjustments, they aim to uplift spirits by indulging consumers with a delightful treat.

For those seeking to save on expenses and relish takeaway indulgences, giffgaff stands as a reliable option without mid-contract price increases. To learn more, visit