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TCL ranked as the world’s second-largest TV brand and the foremost 98-inch TV brand, solidifies its standing in home entertainment by equipping a luxurious residence with its latest array of XL TVs. This lineup promises to deliver unparalleled experiences to both tech enthusiasts and sports aficionados alike, boasting extra-large screen sizes, exceptional visuals, and unmatched audio quality.

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To mark the debut of its newest products, TCL hosted a significant pop-up event, extending invitations to media, industry experts, and consumers to firsthand experience the awe-inspiring capabilities of the 115-inch QD-Mini LED TV. Attendees were treated to witnessing the unmatched picture quality, engaging with TCL representatives for hands-on demonstrations, and immersive tours, and providing insights into the future of home entertainment.

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Priced at £24,999

Pioneering display technologies are ushering in a new era of revolutionary visual performance.

Building on its reputation as a trailblazer in Quantum Dot Mini LED technology, TCL proudly unveils its 6th generation iteration with significant enhancements in its 115” QD-Mini LED screen. This latest addition, slated for release later this year, boasts over 20,000 local dimming zones, resulting in an impressive peak brightness of 5000 nits.

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When visitors stepped into the exhibition space, they were greeted by TCL’s flagship TV, delivering a unique fusion of performance and elegance. This unprecedented brightness delivers striking highlights and richer, more lifelike HDR performance. The 6th Gen TCL QD-Mini LED features precise contrast, minimal blooming, deep blacks with preserved details, and superior uniformity, thanks to vertically aligned liquid crystals, providing a better contrast ratio than other display technologies such as IPS.

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The perfect companion to QD-Mini LED technology is TCL’s QLED lineup. TCL QLED offers lifelike picture quality and an ultra-wide colour gamut with vivid hues and striking contrast.

The C655K model, designed with gamers in mind, features Game Master Pro 3.0 technology and a 120Hz Full HD Game accelerator (with 240Hz Full HD game accelerator for the 98″ model), supporting the latest HDR formats for unparalleled gaming performance.

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Guests had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a dark room, where several TVs were on display. With four times the resolution of traditional HD, the C655K’s 4K HDR brought every scene to life with vibrant colours and exquisite details rendered with astonishing quality. Quantum Dot technology ensures High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture quality, depicting every moment with breathtaking realism.

The 2024 TV lineup includes QD-Mini LED, QLED Pro, and 4K HDR models

In 2024, TCL is expanding its product portfolio with a new generation of TCL Mini LED technology, offering a wider selection, including their largest Mini LED TVs ever, new picture performance technologies, and advanced gaming features. The highlight of the show was the TCL 115” X955 Max QD-Mini LED range – a 4K behemoth QD-Mini LED 144Hz TV with Google TV and a 6.2.2 Onkyo Sound System. Combining a full array of 6th generation Mini LED with over 20,000 zones, QLED PRO, 4K HDR Premium 5000, and 144Hz Motion Clarity Pro – the TV, prominently displayed at the forefront, delivers remarkably precise contrasts, vibrant HDR picture quality, and an unprecedented screen size. Additionally, with Game Master Pro 3.0, HDMI 2.1, ALLM, FreeSync Premium Pro, TCL Game bar, 240Hz Full HD Game Accelerator, and support for all the latest HDR formats, this TCL Mini LED TV is the ultimate companion for HDR movies, streaming, sports, and gaming.

TCL’s dedication to gamers is evident in its lineup of gaming-centric TVs. The impressive 4K QD-Mini LED TV, the TCL C855K Series, greeted guests with the 98” model showcased in the living room, providing a glimpse of what TCL TVs offer for home use. With 2160 zones, 4K HDR Premium 3500, 144Hz Motion Clarity Pro, Multi HDR format support, and Game Master Pro 3.0, TCL ensures an unparalleled gaming experience.

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Finally, in this category, the EISA ‘Best Gaming TV winner’ TCL C745K of 144Hz VRR is currently available in the UK, making it a must-have for console gaming enthusiasts.

Making top-notch display technology accessible, TCL’s 4K HDR range is the ideal choice for those seeking a quality entertainment hub at an affordable price point. The TCL P755K Series, situated within an Arsenal-themed leisure room, guests to enjoy football matches with all the TV’s capabilities. The P755K combines 4K HDR, Wide Color Gamut, and Motion Clarity for vibrant and sharp HDR picture quality. Equipped with Google TV and Google Assistant, along with Game Master 3.0 and a 120 Hz Full HD game accelerator, it ensures a fast and smooth gaming experience.

QD-Mini LED Professional Gaming Monitors

TCL is leveraging its expertise in picture quality and deep vertical integration to introduce a dedicated range of gaming monitors. The TCL R8 Gaming monitors, particularly the impressive 34R83Q, a 34’’ R1500 Curved Monitor, cater to casual gamers with immersive ultra-wide Quad HD resolution. Developed for serious gamers who prioritize picture quality, the TCL 34R83Q combines Mini LED with 1152 zones, QLED technologies, and VESA Display HDR 1400 certification, offering ultra-high contrast and brightness, a wide colour gamut, sharp details, and extended longevity.

Innovations in Home Appliances with a Consumer Focus

With its industry-leading Home Appliance R&D, TCL is launching a new suite of products to meet evolving consumer expectations for a simpler and healthier life at home. TCL proudly introduces the Free Built-In Series Refrigeration range, set to launch in July, offering consumers complete installation flexibility with its minimal 1cm gap requirement and recessed hinges.

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Alongside its sleek design, the range boasts a host of Free Built-In functionalities, including a quiet 35dB digital inverter compressor, T-Fresh sterilization, eco-conscious D energy rating, and a convertible zone located in the freezer, doubling as a designated chilled area, making it the ultimate companion for large gatherings.

Product Retailer link RRP
115X955K TBD £24,999
Free Built-in Concept ‘Fridge (RC518) TBD £899
WM (FP0934WA0UK) Reliant £359
AC unit (P12F3SW1K) Peter Tyson £399


Mark’s Electrical
98P745K Currys £2,699
98C655K Hughes £2,699
Beyond Television
Mark’s Electrical
65P755K Mark’s Electrical £529
65C655K Hughes £649
Mark’s Electrical
65C805K Argos £949
Peter Tyson
65C745K Curry’s £799
Mark’s Electrical
98C855K Richer Sounds £3,999

Enjoy Memorable Sports Moments with Top-of-the-Line Home Theater Equipment

As fervent sports enthusiasts, TCL has been expanding its partnerships in sports across Europe and globally. By supporting various leading teams and events across different sports genres, TCL aims to provide consumers and retail partners with premium sports and entertainment experiences and products.

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The announcement of the Arsenal Partnership underscores TCL’s commitment to making inspiring moments accessible to all, exemplified by the development of QD-Mini LED XL screens of up to 115”, intended to authentically capture the close-up feeling of being immersed on the sidelines, ensuring no great moments are missed.