Honor MagicOS Android 15
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HONOR has just rolled out Android 15 Beta 1, which is now up for grabs by HONOR developers since 10th May. Leading the charge, the HONOR Magic6 Pro and HONOR Magic V2 are the first devices to receive this update. This initiative offers early access to the latest Android updates, empowering HONOR developers to test new features and enhance app compatibility on flagship smartphones. Android 15 promises a vastly improved user experience, boasting enhanced security and privacy measures, optimized device resource management, and various experience enhancements.

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Privacy and security take centre stage in Android 15. Users gain greater control over safeguarding their data within a more secure device environment. Notably, Android 15 introduces an SDK sandbox, confining services like advertising within a sandbox to prevent third-party apps from accessing private user data. Additionally, it features an enhanced Privacy Indicator and a revamped permissions management portal, enabling users to monitor their privacy protection status better when granting permissions for features such as the camera or microphone.

Performance and power enhancements are also a highlight. Android 15 further refines the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF), ensuring efficient management of power-intensive apps, particularly gaming apps. This optimization allows the device to respond better to GPU, CPU, and cooling system demands while promoting energy-efficient operation for apps running background tasks.

Honor MagicOS Android 15

Moreover, Android 15 introduces tailored features. For example, social media apps’ in-app cameras can now control flash intensity. Developers can leverage Google’s provided APIs, tools, and resources to optimize for personalized user scenarios.

The Android 15 Beta 1 update is now accessible for the HONOR Magic6 Pro and HONOR Magic V2. Renowned for its Falcon Camera and AI-driven experiences, the Magic6 Pro exemplifies innovation in the smart device sector. On the other hand, the Magic V2 breaks barriers as one of the world’s lightest and thinnest foldable phones, with a thickness under 10 mm. Both devices are committed to receiving four major MagicOS updates and five years of security updates for global users.

HONOR continues its proactive support for developers, aiding them in adapting and optimizing their applications for the Android operating system to deliver the best user experience. Android 15 Beta 1 is now available, offering developers an opportunity to enhance compatibility and development for the upcoming Android version furthermore, HONOR pledges ongoing support with the next update to Android 15 Beta later this summer.