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Circular, the pioneers of smart ring technology, has announced the launch of their latest innovation: the new and improved Ring Slim. This wearable redefines health and fitness tracking, integrating cutting-edge technology, new features, and an upgraded Kira+ app to deliver real-time sports performance tracking and deeper insights into user health and wellness, creating an unparalleled user experience.

Advanced Sports Performance Tracking

Building on the robust features of its predecessor, the new Ring Slim introduces an advanced ‘heart rate during sport’ algorithm. This delivers precise heart rate monitoring during various sports activities, seamlessly integrated into the new Sport Session Circle on the updated Kira+ app. This feature allows users to track their GPS route and analyze detailed performance metrics from their sporting activities, offering a comprehensive overview of their physical exertion and progress.


Comprehensive Health and Wellness Insights

Beyond sports tracking, the Ring Slim now provides a holistic view of health and wellness data through the Advanced Analysis Circle. This tool allows users to compare all their health and wellness data in a single, intuitive graph, making it easier than ever to understand and optimize personal health. Users can identify trends, monitor improvements, and make informed decisions about their health journey.

Enhanced Sleep Monitoring

Circular has also made significant advancements to its sleep algorithm. The new algorithm allows users to monitor heart rate, breathing rate, SpO2, temperature, and motion sensors during sleep, delivering a 79% accuracy against polysomnography tests—the recognized standard for diagnosing sleep disorders. This improvement ensures users receive reliable and detailed insights into their sleep quality.

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Introducing Kira+

Circular introduces Kira+, the upgraded version of the Kira app to celebrate these new features. Kira+ enhances the user experience with ‘circles’—visual, intuitive displays that provide an organized and accessible way to track and analyze data. The Sport Session Circle and Advanced Analysis Circle are among the pioneering features, showcasing Circular’s commitment to continuous innovation.

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The Wearable for Elite Athletes

In addition to technological advancements, Circular has improved the Ring Slim’s durability with a scratch-resistant coating and a full IP68 rating, ensuring resilience during rigorous activities. The circular also welcomes Swiss basketball player Clint Capela as the newest brand ambassador. Capela, who plays for the Atlanta Hawks, joins motorsport athlete Romain Grosjean, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to promoting health, wellness, and peak performance.

“We are excited to bring these significant upgrades to our users,” said Amaury Kosman, Co-Founder of Circular. “The new Ring Slim, combined with the Kira+ app, offers a more dynamic and comprehensive health and fitness tracking approach. With the support of elite athletes like Clint Capela and Romain Grosjean, we are confident that our users will be inspired to reach new heights in their personal fitness journeys.”


The Circular Ring Slim is available online at www.circular.xyz and is priced at $281, 259€, or £226.00.