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Chargeasap, a Sydney-based consumer electronics brand, has launched the Zeus 280W USB-C GaN Charger, the world’s first and smallest 280W charger. This groundbreaking device represents a significant advancement in charging technology, designed to meet the demands of modern, fast-paced, and power-intensive lifestyles. It sets a new standard for convenience, efficiency, and innovation. Available in black or white, the Zeus 280W USB-C GaN Charger can be purchased from Amazon UK for £160, Chargeasap for $219, and will soon be available on Amazon US within two weeks.

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Unprecedented Power and Performance

The Zeus 280W USB-C GaN Charger offers an astounding total maximum output of 280W, making it the first charger to deliver such high performance. Featuring four USB ports (three USB-C and one USB-A), this compact charger eliminates the need for multiple bulky adapters. It is capable of charging a wide array of devices simultaneously, including a 16″ MacBook Pro (or any USB-C laptop), iPad Pro (or any tablet), iPhone (or any Android device), AirPods, or a smartwatch. Essentially, it can replace up to four Apple chargers, underscoring its powerful versatility.

Versatile and High-Powered Charging Options

The Zeus charger provides the following maximum outputs for its ports: USB-C1: 140W, USB-C2: 140W, USB-C3: 100W, and USB-A: 65W. This means it can support two USB-C ports delivering up to 140W each, ideal for charging the latest MacBook Pro 16” models. Remarkably, it can charge three MacBooks simultaneously, highlighting its unparalleled versatility.

Advanced Technology and Design

Equipped with an OLED screen, the Zeus charger offers a real-time display of charging volts and amps, enabling users to monitor the charging status effortlessly. Despite its powerful output, the Zeus charger is exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 380g (0.83lb). This makes it 45% lighter than leading competitors such as the Hyperjuice 245W, which weighs 582g (1.28lb). The charger incorporates Navitas GaNFast NV6127 Power IC technology, utilizing four advanced chips in each unit. This technology ensures superior efficiency and faster charging speeds in a more compact form factor.

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Designed for Global Travel

Understanding the needs of international travellers, the Zeus charger features a patent-pending, 2-way foldable built-in US prongs and includes three interchangeable travel adapters (EU, AU, UK). This ensures compatibility and convenience no matter where you travel. Additionally, Chargeasap is developing an extra adapter, available separately within the next two months, which will allow the Zeus to connect via a C7 cable instead of plugging directly into a wall socket, offering even greater versatility.