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NordVPN and ASUS have formed a partnership to incorporate the world’s most popular VPN service into ASUS networking products. ASUS routers will be the market’s first to feature an integrated NordVPN service, enhancing the cybersecurity and privacy of internet users.

“Privacy and security are our top priorities, regardless of the user’s location or the devices they use. We aim to contribute to a better internet by making it easy for our customers to set up VPN services on their routers, thereby protecting an entire network of devices. Our partnership with ASUS enables us to improve security for everyone, from travellers with portable networking devices to gaming enthusiasts,” states Vykintas Maknickas, NordVPN’s Head of Product Strategy.



“ASUS is committed to offering users a safer and more varied internet experience. We are excited to work with NordVPN to integrate their VPN service into our networking products. The device’s various VPN configuration options allow for flexible deployment of NordVPN, creating a private, secure, and fast internet browsing experience,” remarks Tenlong Deng, ASUS Corporate Vice President, General Manager of Networking and Wireless Devices Business Unit.

The ASUS RT-AX57 Go, the first in the lineup to offer an integrated NordVPN service, boasts tri-mode connectivity, perfect for travel, work, and home use, with its compact size ensuring portability. The ASUS GT-AX11000 Pro caters to gamers seeking to maintain multiple connected devices without compromising on gaming performance. Both routers come with built-in AiProtection and NordVPN, the latter of which can be activated by entering subscription details on the self-service page.

As the inaugural models with integrated NordVPN service, these routers mark the beginning of ongoing collaboration between the companies, with plans to gradually extend the service.