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Vodafone is today extending its free unlimited mobile data offer to NHS staff and care workers that are using its flexible Pay As You Go (PAYG) services.  [The extension follows the announcement on 6th May that these groups were eligible for 6-months free unlimited data (until 26th June), but at that time it was restricted to Pay Monthly customers.]

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Care workers and NHS staff on Vodafone’s PAYG tariffs buying a minimum £10 Big Value Bundle will be upgraded from the usual 3GB of data to free unlimited data, and from 250 minutes to 6000 minutes. Customers can benefit from this offer for up to six months from the date of redemption, with each purchase of a £10 Big Value Bundle activating the free unlimited data and 6000 minutes offer. The offer is open until 26th June.


To activate, eligible customers simply need to go to https://keepconnected.vodafone.co.uk and either register their NHS email address (for NHS staff) or their care company’s name, address and their personal email (for care workers). Once the details are verified customers they will be automatically upgraded to the offer and notified. Vodafone will provision all NHS staff applications and the first 50,000 care workers who apply. The offer applies to new and existing PAYG customers.


Vodafone UK Chief Executive Officer Nick Jeffery said: “We are proud to have led the way in offering NHS staff unlimited free data and including care workers in that offer. Until today, we were only able to offer this benefit to Pay Monthly customers but we know many NHS staff and care workers choose the flexibility of our Pay As You Go services so we have worked hard to find a solution that includes them. I am delighted that today we can announce that they too will benefit from six months free unlimited data and 6000 extra minutes. It’s a small thank you for their great work in this crisis.”

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