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The Zepp E is its first step, in the smartwatch market under the Zepp name, with its main objectives in tracking your sleep and Sports mode, can it achieved it on the first go.

Priced at £209 / €249 available in Zepp OnyxBlack – Unisex-Adult, Onyx Black, Normal from Amazon and Zepp.

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Zeep E Circle
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 42.2 × 42.2 × 9.1 mm
32 grams
Screen 1.28-inch AMOLED
416 x 416 pixels
326 PPI
Material Stainless steel
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 LE
Sensors Heart Rate
Monitor Three-axis accelerometer
oxygen meter Ambient light
Resistance 5 ATM
Battery 188 mAh Up
to 7 days of autonomy

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The Finish of the Zepp E is outstanding: stainless steel gives it a premium look and curved glass without any jump feels scandalous

On the right side, we have a single button with which we will activate the phone menu, also topped in stainless steel, like the rest of the watch body. The left side is empty, without any microphone or speaker insight. The Zepp E is elegant, well built and leaves a good feeling on the wrist. It also helps that we do not find any kind of jump on the screen, everything is a piece with curved glass.

If we talk about the sports modes on the Zepp E has, all of them with manual activation from the watch itself.

  • Running outdoors
  • Walk
  • Cycling
  • Treadmill
  • Spinning
  • Swimming in the pool
  • Elliptical
  • Mountaineering
  • Trail road
  • Ski
  • Free training

A total of 11 sports modes that, while not place the Zepp on the podium of the amount of sports variants, but it does have enough for the most common sports. In case we practice more specific sports such as football, strength training, and Walking and so on.


GPS is accurate, full sleep measurement, we have blood oxygen measurement, etc. The conjunction between software and hardware is very complete

The highlight the good work that all the sensors of the device do, from the heart rate measurement to the work of GPS, which marks the routes very well. Sleep measurement is also accurate and, as it could not be otherwise, Zepp E is also able to measure blood oxygen levels.

The brightest points at the measurement level are, on the one hand, sleep quality reports. The Zepp makes a fairly accurate measurement, giving us data on deep sleep, light, REM phase and breath quality measurement. This data is displayed both numerically and graphically, so we can consult them very visually.

It is also eye-catching to measure oxygen in the blood, which must be activated manually. It takes about 30 seconds to get done and is used to measure the percentage of oxygenated haemoglobin (HbO2) in the blood.

The Zepp E features a 1.65-inch AMOLED display. Pixel density is 341ppi, which results in outstanding sharpness. The Zepp E display is good to point by point: response time, maximum brightness, minimum brightness, automatic brightness adjustment… It’s hard to hit him as he does everything we can ask him to do. As a cherry, note that in this week of use we have not noticed a single micro-angle, something that plays in favour of its resistance.

The panel is spectacular in brightness, colour and sharpness, at the height of any high-end proposal

The glass is slightly curved and there are no jumps or imperfections in the transition between steel and that glass. If we talk about spheres, we can configure the appearance of the watch from the phone.

The Zepp E animations, scrolling and everything to do with the touch interaction of the watch is excellent, especially in system animations

As we have already advanced, I really liked the work of automatic brightness. Indoors the watch is adjusted about 25% of the total brightness (more than enough to see the content) and, to the minimum that more brightness is needed, it goes up without jumps. In the sun the panel looks great and having OLED technology on the smartwatch helps make the result even more spectacular with dark colours.

Zepp is the app formerly known as Amazfit (Android / iOS), with a revamped design, the interface is clean, very easy to use and as just opening it sums us up to various activity data.

Battery Life

The Zepp E’s lasts about six full days with all functions active. Went out for longer walks at the moment because of Covid-19 problems, maintained sleep measurement and breathing quality at night, and your heart rate monitoring every minute and GPS on routes. This duration can be extended or reduce it to three days if you activate Always On Display mode.

Due to low processor demand and AMOLED technology, we can use the watch intensively, knowing that we have a few days of battery secured. The charging system is the classic by pins, although it is not too fast in the case of this Zepp. It takes about an hour to fully charge and we don’t have fast charging in the first few sections of the charge, so we’ll need a half hour to get 50% of the battery.

Zepp has done his homework well with his first proposal, the watch meets appearance by appearance, from the battery to design or fluidity. The Zepp is targeting busy professionals who seek a blend of style and practicality, Zepp E combines high-end design with superior health and fitness tracking capabilities.


  • The battery does an amazing job
  • A premium finish to the smartwatch
  • Sensors on the Zepp does a great job


  • Needs better software (this can be fixed)

TNC score is 4.2/5.0

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