Fire Tv Cube 2020
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Two-Way Video Calling on Fire TV Cube

Amazon is enabling two-way video calling support on the Fire TV Cube (2nd generation). Customers can now pair a third-party webcam with Fire TV Cube to place and receive hands-free Alexa video calls from their TVs to any other Alexa-enabled device with a screen, such as another Fire TV Cube, Echo Show, or the Alexa app on a phone or tablet. Webcams must support the following minimum requirements UVC support, 720p resolution, 30 frames per sec (fps). For an optimal communications experience, we recommend cameras with 1080p resolution and 60-90 degree field of view (FOV).

Fire Tv Cube 2020

Here are some additional details about video calling on Fire TV Cube:

  • Stay connected. Regardless of distance, it’s easy to stay in touch with friends and families over the holidays, special occasions, or simply to catch up. Open gifts, enjoy dinner together, play games, tackle a workout, and more.
  • Call any Alexa device with a screen. Fire TV Cube owners can now have two-way video calls with any Alexa device with a screen (mobile, Fire Tablets, Echo Show, etc.). Use the Alexa-enabled push to talk remote or the following utterances to make hands-free video calls:
    • “Alexa, call Julie’s Echo”

When a call is active, you can then say:

  • “Alexa, video on”
  • “Alexa, answer”
  • “Alexa, end call”


This update will begin rolling out to customers over the coming weeks in the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and the United States.


Ring Doorbell Camera Notifications

With holiday shopping likely to generate a flurry of package deliveries this month, Fire TV owners will be able to receive notifications on their Fire TV screen when the doorbell rings and watch the security camera video in full-screen by saying “Alexa, show me [Ring device name],” or “Alexa, talk to [Ring device name].” Fire TV devices can receive doorbell notifications for Ring doorbell devices only; Fire TV Cube (2nd generation) is not supported. Learn more about linking Ring products to Fire TV devices here.


Alexa Responses While Watching TV

Customers will be able to ask Alexa on Fire TV devices about the weather or for general information without interrupting the TV viewing or browsing experience. Responses will be answered by Alexa on a partial screen overlay on top of full-screen video playback or the Fire TV browse screen background. To get started, simply ask, “Alexa, what is the weather?” or “Alexa, how far away is planet Mars?” This feature will be available on all Fire TV devices, excluding 1st Gen Fire TV Stick and 1st Gen Fire TV.

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