SKYWORTH TV Autumn Product Launch Tony Wang
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Skyworth has today revealed a surge in global TV sales across their portfolio of brands, representing an increase in consumer demand for entertainment following the highly anticipated return of the summer sporting season. Newly released data shows a 21% YoY increase in sales for SKYWORTH TVs in Europe, North America, and the Philippines, while sales volume for SKYWORTH’s coocaa sub-brand experienced a record braking YoY increase in Vietnam (580%), Germany (510%) and Russia (275%).

SKYWORTH TV Autumn Product Launch Tony Wang

Leo Tang, Chief Brand Officer of SKYWORTH TV, said: “As the world emerges from the pandemic, major sporting events have returned to TV screens across the globe, marking a new era of entertainment. From the unforgettable European football championships to the games in Tokyo, we’re proud of our continued commitment to connecting families and friends around the world with our innovative and groundbreaking TVs and will continue to help fans cheer on their favourite teams with our immersive entertainment experiences.”

Helping sporting fans get their daily dose of entertainment, SKYWORTH is renowned for its advanced home entertainment solutions and is one of the top three global providers of Android TVs. Featuring innovative designs and leading 8K and OLED TV technologies, SKYWORTH expects to see increased demand for TVs globally and will continue to introduce new TV solutions to help sports fans gets closer to the action. At present, SKYWORTH has 10 global R&D centres, three of which are based in Europe, and nine manufacturing sites worldwide, with continued plans for expansion on the horizon.

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