The Beam Virgo colours
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THE BEAM is making its 9th appearance on Kickstarter, presenting VIRGO – the revolutionary cycling helmet designed specifically for electric two-wheelers. Developed in collaboration with VIRGOMOVE, VIRGO offers an exceptional blend of safety and comfort.

The VIRGO helmet has been meticulously crafted to cater to the unique safety requirements of electric bikes and speed bikes. Its cutting-edge design encompasses lightweight construction, optimal airflow, and complete face protection in the event of a frontal crash. Here are the key features of the VIRGO helmet:

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  1. Integral Flexible Face Protection: VIRGO incorporates an innovative face protection system that ensures comprehensive coverage and flexibility. It establishes a secure connection with the helmet liner, enabling flexible shock absorption while effectively safeguarding the chin and jaw.Helmet White F34 2k
  2. Lightweight Format: Emphasizing comfort, the VIRGO helmet boasts a lightweight structure, allowing riders to experience minimal weight while benefiting from optimal protection. Its construction revolves around an ABS shell and an EPS Core, resulting in an overall weight ranging from 600 g to 650 g.
  3. Rotative Several Visor Lenses: Equipped with multiple visor lenses, the VIRGO helmet provides additional defence against various weather conditions. The front visor, held in place by two magnetic fasteners, can be easily switched out depending on light visibility and prevailing weather conditions. Lens Emerald 2k
  4. Detachable Rear Light: To enhance visibility and ensure the rider remains visible at all times, the VIRGO helmet features a detachable LED rear light positioned strategically at the back. This energy-efficient light is designed to prevent obstruction by bags or clothing and even includes a smart brake feature that automatically illuminates when the rider slows down. It can be effortlessly removed and recharged via USB-C.

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VIRGO prioritizes safety and goes beyond conventional helmet designs by incorporating advanced technologies:

  1. Better Brain Protection: With the inclusion of the MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), VIRGO significantly enhances brain protection. The MIPS system integrates a low-friction layer within the helmet, effectively minimizing rotational motion and redirecting rotational energies and forces away from the brain during lateral impacts.

To ensure an ideal fit and optimal comfort, VIRGO offers the following features:

  1. Fitting System: VIRGO includes a rear adjustment system along with different sizes of padding, allowing riders to customize the helmet to their liking and ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Full protection in a stylish design is a cornerstone of the VIRGO helmet:

The Beam Virgo colours

  1. Available Colors: VIRGO is available in four stylish colours that cater to individual preferences and urban trends:
    • Carbon Black Matte: Designed with a smart and sleek aesthetic, this colour option is perfect for daily commuting and complies with safety standards worldwide.
    • Pure White Matte: Tailored for the style-conscious commuter cyclist, the Pure White Matte version of VIRGO combines fashion and functionality.
    • Warm Sand Matte: Elegance and style meet safety and comfort, making this colour variant an excellent choice for city riders.
    • Midnight Blue Matte: Capturing the essence of urban mobility trends, the Midnight Blue Matte VIRGO helmet guarantees superior fit, comfort, and safety.

VIRGO is exclusively available for backing on Kickstarter with special pricing options:

  • VIRGO Helmet: $99
  • VIRGO Helmet + MIPS: $129

The helmet includes a removable visor & light and is available in four matte colours – black, white, midnight blue, and warm sand tan – in sizes XS/S or M/L. The Kickstarter campaign anticipates first deliveries as early as August 2023, although The Beam suggests more conservatively that they will have full production stock available in the middle of autumn this year.