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Dreo has rapidly risen to prominence in the realm of smart home appliances, and this autumn, the company is set to unveil a trio of innovative smart humidifiers: the 713S, HM512S, and HM311S. These cutting-edge devices all incorporate Dreo’s groundbreaking Mistwave technology, which revolutionizes water atomization and dispersion by generating an impressive mist volume through a combination of high-speed airflow boosters and a double suction mode. This achievement sets an entirely new industry standard for humidification.

What sets Dreo’s new humidifiers apart is their ability to intelligently adapt to external conditions, ensuring consistent ambient humidity levels. You can effortlessly control and customize these devices through the user-friendly Dreo app, making them an ideal addition to your smart home ecosystem. Furthermore, they seamlessly integrate with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home.

Dreo HM311S


Emitting a cooling mist, this model is perfect for dorm rooms and apartments and is the best value option priced at $49.99 from and Dreo.

Dreo HM512S


Featuring cool mist, a rotating nozzle and a demineralization cartridge, this model is perfect for nurseries and kid’s rooms priced at $74.99 from and Dreo.

Dreo 713S


Dreo HM713S Humidifier: Instant Dryness Relief and Precise Room Humidity Control priced at $89.99 from and Dreo.

Experience rapid, super-fast humidification at 500mL/hr with the Dreo Humidifier HM713S, featuring quicker warm mist production (reaching 86°F in just 5 minutes) to provide immediate relief from dryness. Powered by MistWave humidification technology, this home humidifier creates a 43-inch tall mist with ultra-fine particles, ensuring an even distribution of humidity in any room. Its substantial 6L tank guarantees extended operation, allowing for days of continuous humidification.

Accurate Room Humidity Management: The Dreo Humidifier 713S for the bedroom offers precise control over room humidity levels. With its advanced sensing and compensation algorithm, you can set your desired humidity with an impressive accuracy of ±5%, doubling the precision of traditional humidifiers. Plus, the humidity indicator light lets you conveniently monitor your living room’s humidity from a distance.

Versatile 3-Mode Operation: The Dreo HM713S provides you with multiple options to tailor humidity to your lifestyle. Choose from three mist levels in Manual Mode, set your preferred target humidity (ranging from 30% to 90%) in Auto Mode, or opt for Sleep Mode, which not only adjusts humidity but also dims lights and reduces noise for a tranquil sleep environment.

Seamless Smart Control with the Dreo App: Keeping your indoor air fresh and healthy has never been more convenient. The Dreo app offers real-time humidity readings, a 30-day humidity level history, and the ability to receive and personalize smart cleaning reminders.

Dual-Aroma Pad Tray: Elevate your surroundings effortlessly with the innovative dual-aroma pad tray design. Simply shift the aroma pad tray cover to switch between scents throughout the day, transforming your environment with ease.

Dreo’s humidifiers not only excel in performance but also boast elegant designs and upgraded features that reinvigorate the humidifier experience, making them a perfect fit for the modern smart home. Whether you’re looking to enhance your living space or seeking a thoughtful gift, Dreo’s offerings are both functional and stylish.

Key Features:

  1. Mistwave Technology: Delivering powerful, efficient, and precise humidification.
  2. Dreo App: Provides personalized control and detailed humidity reports.
  3. Quick-Heating: Enjoy comfortable warmth in as little as 5 minutes.