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Introducing the Sennheiser ACCENTUM Wireless headphones – a remarkable blend of cutting-edge features and world-class audio quality, all at an impressive price point.

According to Christian Ern, Sennheiser’s Principal Product Manager, “ACCENTUM Wireless was meticulously crafted to exceed expectations, inheriting many of the coveted traits from our award-winning MOMENTUM 4 headphones. Consumers can now immerse themselves in the breathtaking Sennheiser sound without compromising on battery life or the freedom of wireless usage that makes them a joy throughout the day.”

The soundtrack to Your Life: With its larger-than-life Sennheiser acoustics and the tranquillity of Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology, ACCENTUM Wireless becomes an easy recommendation for those who prioritize top-notch audio performance in their wireless headphones. The 37mm dynamic transducers deliver sound experiences, boasting exceptional bass performance and crystal-clear clarity. Moreover, the acoustics have been meticulously tuned for comprehensive ANC performance, effectively quelling outside disturbances through a combination of passive isolation and discreet microphones that target both low and high frequencies.


In an era of diverse content consumption, ACCENTUM empowers you with control through Bluetooth 5.2 and multipoint connectivity. For unparalleled sound quality, it supports the apt HD codec, rivalling the audio output of wired headphones with powerful sound and unwavering wireless stability. AAC and SBC codecs are also on board, making it perfect for catching up on shows or exploring new album releases on virtually any Bluetooth-enabled audio device.

The New ACCENTUM Wireless: Available in elegant black and pristine white finishes.

Impressive Battery Life: ACCENTUM doesn’t just stop at great sound. It offers up to an astonishing 50 hours of playback on a single charge and can “quick charge” for an additional 5 hours of listening in just 10 minutes – roughly the time it takes to brew a fresh cup of coffee. The included USB-C charging cable can also transform these wireless headphones into a wired set when Bluetooth is not an option. Simply plug the USB cable into a class-compliant device to use ACCENTUM as an audio interface for content consumption and voice communication. This long-lasting battery also reduces electronic waste by extending the headphone’s lifespan.

Seamless Calls: ACCENTUM comes fully equipped for more than just content consumption. With two built-in microphones and a dedicated wind-reduction mode, taking voice calls becomes a breeze. Adjustable side-tone, coupled with advanced signal processing, ensures natural and distraction-free conversations. Multipoint functionality allows for seamless switching between active wireless connections, making it ideal for those who frequently transition between VoIP calls on a computer and streaming podcasts on their mobile device during meetings, for instance.

Smart Control: Navigating ACCENTUM’s features are intuitive, thanks to the user-friendly 4-button layout and an optional companion smartphone app. From managing Bluetooth connections and features to experimenting with the 5-band EQ, the Smart Control App enhances the headphone experience with a simple and visually appealing interface that you can carry in your pocket. Smart Control can save user presets and provide updates, ensuring that ACCENTUM continues to perform smoothly as the devices it connects to evolve.

“Aside from their sleek and understated design, ACCENTUM Wireless headphones are possibly our most comfortable all-purpose wireless headphones to date,” says Ern. “Their balanced feel and luxurious padding ensure your ears stay in the sweet spot for hours.”

Sound Design: The extended listening comfort of ACCENTUM’s battery life is complemented by its long-term wearing comfort. The earcup and headband padding conform effortlessly to the wearer’s contours, offering a gentle and secure fit that feels natural. Their design reflects the compact fold-flat style of the MOMENTUM 4 Wireless headphones, presenting a unified aesthetic that prioritizes both sound quality and ergonomics.

Pricing and Availability: ACCENTUM Wireless headphones will be available in black and white with sandstone accents. Pre-orders for the black version begin today 26th September 2023, with shipping starting on 4th October. The white version will begin shipping in late November. Both models will be offered at select retailers and Sennheiser-hearing.com, with an RRP of £159.99 / €179.90.