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Punkt will showcase its latest offering, the MC02 smartphone, at CES. This cutting-edge mobile device is the pioneer in the market powered by the Apostrophy OS, offering an array of features focused on empowering users rather than exploiting them. It emphasizes user control over mobile experiences, ensuring personal data remains private and not exploited for corporate gains. The stylish MC02, equipped with the privacy-first Apostrophy operating system, grants users complete autonomy over their data without compromising their technological preferences, catering to the rising demand for digital minimalist mobile solutions.

The Punkt. MC02 is available for pre-order now starting at $749 / €699 / £599 and will officially launch at the end of January 2024.

Petter Neby, Founder & CEO of Punkt., emphasizes, “Our mobile devices aim to offer customers greater control over how their digital tools impact their lives. Through our collaboration with Apostrophy, the MC02 delivers all the functionalities of a modern smartphone while prioritizing personal data sovereignty. Privacy isn’t merely about concealing secrets; it’s a fundamental human value, and that’s why we partnered with Apostrophy OS for the MC02. This fosters a healthier relationship with technology and mental well-being.”

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Steve Cistulli, CEO of Apostrophy, adds, “The Punkt. MC02, featuring our new Apostrophy operating system, pioneers a mobile world where data isn’t exploited, and privacy remains paramount. Partnering with Punkt. aligns with our commitment to technology that promotes better habits for less distracted lives.”

MC02, Powered by Apostrophy OS Apostrophy OS, a tailored OS-level integration developed in collaboration with Punkt., ensures app integrity and personal data privacy. The unique OS divides the user experience into segments, securely housing native applications like contacts, email, calendar, and data within Switzerland, prioritizing user privacy.

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The MC02, running on Apostrophy OS, features a secure ‘home’ space housing essential tools like Email, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Storage, devoid of advertising-based data infiltration. The ‘public’ space accessed through Apostrophy’s GMS Wizard allows access to the Google Play Store and other applications while safeguarding user data from monetization, limiting information exchange solely between app developers and MC02 users.

Key Features:

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PUNKT MC20 has a built-in VPN
  • Digital Nomad: The MC02 includes a built-in VPN named Digital Nomad by Apostrophy, ensuring users’ internet connectivity and privacy wherever they are, shielding web browsing from monitoring or monetization.
  • Ledger: This feature in Apostrophy OS allows users greater control over app-specific data privacy, offering various privacy settings, including Carbon Reduction, providing insights into app energy consumption and background operation control.

Practical Specifications: The MC02, designed in line with Punkt.’s ethos, minimizes distractions for users, featuring a 6.7” full high definition+ screen, 64MP back / 24MP front camera, 6GB memory, and a durable 5,500 mAh battery. Users can expand the device’s capabilities while enjoying its intentionally curated pre-loaded features.”

Punkt. has collaborated with fellow Swiss tech firm Apostrophy to integrate their digital services, ensuring a seamless ecosystem of private communications that comply with Swiss data processing regulations entrenched in the country’s constitution and laws safeguarding privacy rights.

Apostrophy adopts a transparent subscription model similar to entertainment, streaming, or cloud storage services, ensuring users clearly understand what they’re paying for, without their data being monetized.

The initial 12-month Apostrophy Services subscription is included in the MC02 purchase price. Following this period, there’s a monthly tariff of CHF14.99 (Approx. €14.99 / $20.00 / £12.99 – The amount may vary in local currency at renewal due to currency exchange rate fluctuations).