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Welcome to the review of the realme watch, it was announced a little while ago, so here is the low down of the new smartwatch from realme.

Before making Realme Watch a personal health assistant, of course, you have to activate this device. Don’t forget, before activating this smartwatch you have to download the Realme Link application first on your smartphone priced at £49.99 (realme UK, Amazon UK)

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Register a realme account and enter your basic information.

To turn on the realme watch you have to press the button for a few seconds. Make sure the power is fully charged first so that the watch can work optimally. To connect realme watch with the smartphone, make sure Bluetooth is active on the smartphone, open the realme Link application and scan the device QRcode displayed on the realme Watch.

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Or open the realme link application, select the realme Watch to scan for nearby devices via QR code on the watch through the application, select and connect to the desired realme Watch. Click confirm to pair realme Watch.

The watch is ready to use.


Continue to the smartwatch design. This realme watch has a square shape. The realme watch that I am reviewing has a black colour with a strap that is also the same colour made of rubber.

This device has one button on the side and functions as the power button and back button. realme Watch comes with a large 1.4 inch (3.5cm) colour touch screen with a resolution of 320 * 320 pixels (323 PPI) that provides clear and lifelike visuals.

The screen has a responsive touch making it easier to control the watch. The screen of this device has a brightness of 380 nits and a screen brightness adjustment of up to 10 levels. So the display on the watch can be seen well even in the hot light. realme also complements the screen with Gorilla Corning Glass 2.5D which makes the screen less scratched in combination with a rounded frame, to provide a smoother and more comfortable touch.


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This realme watch has a home screen display with a watch face which is quite stylish in my opinion. The standard watch face view on realme watch can display six main data – time, date, weather, steps, heart rate and calories – which are the things the user wants the most.

Your time, heart rate and calorie data look like a colourful bar chart, if the screen is swiped upwards, the watch will display the available menu. Meanwhile, if you swipe it down, it will display a message. To display a short setting shortcut just swipe the screen to the right. A swipe to the left will display the user’s weather information and daily activity data.

Sports mode

With the realme Watch supports up to 14 types of sports monitoring, including running outdoors, walking, running indoors, cycling outdoors, aerobics, strength training, football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, indoor cycling, stationary bicycle, yoga and cricket.

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During testing, I only made use of this smartwatch for outdoor walks and indoor cycles.

The watch can also automatically identify whether we are walking or running, and its accurate step count algorithm makes every step count.

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What makes this fun is to be invited to exercise is that you can set the music player on your smartphone from a distance automatically. So you don’t have to bother reaching for your smartphone when you are exercising just to play music.

With a weight of only around 31 grams, this smartwatch is quite comfortable to use when exercising. The dimensions are also perfect for my wrists which are not too big.

Health Assistant

As I mentioned above, this Realme Watch can be positioned as a personal health assistant for its users. This is possible because realme Watch features a real-time heart rate tracker. The realme Watch detects your heart rate every 5 minutes 24/7.

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Apart from that, realme Watch can also detect the level of oxygen in the blood. The oxygen level in the blood is one of the most important indicators of physical health.

This realme watch is supported by a 160mAh battery with a lithium polymer that can last for 7 days of standard use.

Meanwhile, as long as I use it to exercise once every two days and use it every day for daily activities, the battery can last for 5 days.

The smartwatch is also equipped with an IP68 feature that allows this watch to be invited to play water. The realme Watch can receive almost all app notifications and displays several corresponding icons. This watch can be easily paired with a realme smartphone and supports the display of calls, SMS and messages from third-party applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and others.

With a large screen, the watch can display more information that is easy to read. This smartwatch can also do rejection. When connected to a smartphone and you get a phone call, the phone number will appear on the Realme Watch screen with the rejection button. User can reject the call with one click.


To have a smartwatch that can function as a personal health assistant, at the price offered by realme watch it deserves to be a major consideration, its just missing app on the smartwatch.

TNC score is 4.2/5

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