realme gt2 explorer master edition
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realme today announced its all-new member to the master series in mainland China – realme GT 2 Explorer Master Edition. As a fashion-forward flagship with top performance, realme GT 2 Explorer Master Edition boasts a brand-new design and delivers flagship performance with the latest Snapdragon mobile platform, 8+ Gen 1, as well as an all-new X7 independent display chipset. realme GT 2 Explorer Master Edition comes in 8+128 GB, 8+256 GB and 12+256 GB storage variants, and will be priced at RMB 3499, RMB 3799, and RMB 3999 respectively.

Classic Travel Trunk Design with New master designer Co-created

realme GT 2 Explorer Master Edition comes in three colour variants – Wilderness, Snowfield, and Black Beach. The Wilderness variant was created in collaboration with realme Design Studio and Jae-Jung, a renowned fashion designer at The North Face and founder of fashion brand, DOOR, who previously designed for Ralph Lauren.

realme gt2 explorer master edition

Inspired by the urban outdoor lifestyle, the Wilderness variant features a unique yet familiar design inspired by classic travel trunks. The side rails are coated with a premium matte texture with metallic rivets to create the trunk aesthetic, and an environmentally-friendly vegan leather back material to complete the retro style.

Flagship Performance with a Dual Chipset

As realme’s latest flagship, realme GT 2 Explorer Master Edition is among the first batch of smartphones to feature the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC. With the 4nm TSMC processor, the chipset delivers a 10% CPU performance boost, 30% less CPU/GPU power consumption and 15% less overall SoC power consumption.

To double up the performance, the product is equipped with an independent X7 display chipset, which enables a high frame rate and high-definition picture quality while ensuring low latency and low power consumption, combining for longer battery life. The chipset supports up to 4x frame rate interpolation, which turns content from 30fps into a fluid 120fps.

During high-intensity activity, the realme GT 2 Explorer Master Edition features a power reduction of up to 30% in gaming and 25% in online video. This is enabled state-of-the-art LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 3.1, maintaining optimal performance for longer.

World’s First Virtual Triggers and Heat Dissipation System for Gaming

For gamers, the phone features HyperTouch Virtual Triggers that come with tactile feedback and notification light effects on the side of the phone. The touch responses are low latency, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience. Users can customise the trigger to personalise their gaming experience, be it MOBA gaming, FPS gaming, or open-world gaming.

To maximize heat dissipation efficiency, realme GT 2 Explorer Master Edition has dual stainless-steel vapour cooling (VC), which adopts two VC layers to cover the heating unit from both sides. With a total cooling area of 4811mm², the phone’s heat dissipation efficiency improved 154% from the previous generation of the master series.

World’s First Built-in GaN Fet Charging Solution for Cool Charging

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realme GT 2 Explorer Master Edition features a built-in GaN Fet charging solution, which helps reduce 85% of heat dissipation for the charging unit when compared with the 4:1 Charge Pump solution. Moreover, the product sports a 100W UltraDart Charge and a 5,000mAh battery, capable of charging up the battery from 0 to 100% in 25 minutes.

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