ExpressVPN Keys
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ExpressVPN has officially introduced its password management solution, ExpressVPN Keys. Designed with a keen focus on both security and user convenience, ExpressVPN Keys empowers individuals to regain control of their passwords, ensuring a secure and hassle-free online experience.

Effective immediately, ExpressVPN Keys are accessible to all ExpressVPN users, both new and existing, across all devices and subscription plans, without any additional charges. The integration of Keys within the ExpressVPN applications for iOS and Android, as well as its availability as a browser extension on computers, streamlines and consolidates protection into a single application and subscription.

Samuel Bultez, ExpressVPN’s Head of Product, emphasizes the essential role passwords play in our online lives, yet notes that many individuals persist in poor password habits, such as reusing passwords or relying on frequent password resets for security. ExpressVPN Keys is introduced to assist users in adopting best practices regarding password management, making it effortless to maintain security with a brand they can trust.

ExpressVPN Keys

A fresh and innovative perspective drives ExpressVPN’s approach to digital privacy and security. Rather than offering Keys as a standalone application, the solution is seamlessly integrated into the existing ExpressVPN apps for iOS and Android. This integration enables users to generate, store, and autofill passwords for their online accounts with a single click, all through an app they are already familiar with.

Among the key features of the password manager include:

  • The ability to securely store an unlimited number of logins, passwords, credit/debit card details, and notes
  • A built-in password generator and built-in password health checker that will alert you of passwords that are weak, reused, or exposed in a data breach
  • The ability to check if your details have been found in a data breach just by entering your email address
  • Utilization of Keys as a 2FA authenticator by generating and auto-filling six-digit time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs)

Furthermore, ExpressVPN is committed to transparency and trust. The company has published a comprehensive security white paper outlining the design and infrastructure of ExpressVPN Keys. It is also included in ExpressVPN’s bug bounty program, subject to regular security testing by external researchers, ensuring ongoing enhancements.

ExpressVPN subjected Keys to rigorous penetration tests and source code audits conducted by cybersecurity firm Cure53, addressing all identified issues across iOS, Android, and browser extension platforms before the full-scale launch of Keys.

Bultez underlines ExpressVPN’s dedication to trust and transparency, emphasizing the launch of Keys as a significant step towards giving users more control over their online experiences and enabling them to explore the internet securely.

ExpressVPN Keys has evolved significantly since its initial beta release a year ago, now incorporating a Password Health feature. This feature evaluates the security of user logins, including checks for breached emails and passwords, guiding enhancing problematic logins.

In an age where privacy and security are increasingly complex and critical, ExpressVPN aims to deliver an all-in-one privacy and security super app that empowers users to safeguard all aspects of their digital lives through a single application and subscription. This commitment includes tools such as VPN, password management, Aircove router, data breach alerts, and blockers for ads, trackers, malicious sites, and adult content.

ExpressVPN Keys is readily available at no extra cost to all ExpressVPN users. To begin leveraging the benefits of ExpressVPN Keys, users can effortlessly download the Chrome browser extension for Windows, Mac, and Linux, or locate it within the existing ExpressVPN app for Android and iOS.