TCL ESG Report 2023
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TCL Electronics, a leading consumer electronics brand and one of the top two TV brands globally has released its 2023 ESG report. This report outlines the significant milestones achieved in TCL’s sustainability journey and its future vision.

Reducing Environmental Impact with Clear Goals

TCL is committed to more than just delivering entertainment and smart home appliances; it strives to improve the planet through responsible environmental practices.

Environmental Targets

TCL has set practical targets for emission reduction and resource utilization, reflecting its commitment to environmental protection. The company has refined its objectives and targets for different departments, assigning clear responsibilities and conducting regular assessments to track progress and ensure effective implementation of its environmental strategy.

TCL ESG Report 2023

Climate Action

TCL has developed a carbon management system and engaged in emission and energy management to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.

Promoting a Circular Economy

TCL enhances waste management by optimizing treatment processes and increasing recycling rates, aiming for maximum resource utilization. The company focuses on electronic waste recovery, promoting a circular economy, and contributing to sustainable development.

Commitment to Green Energy

TCL is dedicated to advancing clean energy initiatives, particularly in solar energy through substantial investments in photovoltaics. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to support sustainable energy development and ecological preservation, aligning with TCL’s mission to foster environmental responsibility across its global operations.

Strong Governance and Environmental Stewardship

TCL prioritizes responsible governance, complying with local and international laws, managing corporate risks, and adhering to business ethics. The company promotes a sustainable supply chain, supports industry stability, and collaborates with partners to foster ecological development. TCL strives to exceed regulatory expectations, fostering new initiatives with clients to further CSR objectives.

External Recognition and Certifications

TCL has received the prestigious EcoVadis Gold Medal Award 2024, placing it in the top 5% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis for sustainability in environmental policies, labour and human rights, ethical practices, and sustainable procurement. This recognition underscores TCL’s dedication to supporting customers’ sustainability goals.

Green Design

TCL regards product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise and is committed to green design. The company continuously innovates to create products with lower carbon emissions, adhering to sustainable design principles throughout the product lifecycle. TCL follows local regulations, such as the EU WEEE Directive, CE Directive, and Ecodesign Directive, taking responsibility for the entire product lifecycle.