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Vodafone has launched ‘Work and Play’. The new service gives anyone (you don’t have to be an existing Vodafone customer) the opportunity to purchase a second broadband line dedicated entirely to home working. This frees up people’s existing broadband to serve everything else our busy lives demand, making family bandwidth battles a thing of the past.

Vodafone logo

Vodafone ‘Work and Play’ provide the reassurance that the rest of the household can stream and game as much as they like without impacting video conference calls or that time-critical work download. Customers purchasing a second line receive Vodafone’s most reliable WiFi Hub and all the smart features of our Vodafone Broadband App to manage their connection.


For existing pay monthly mobile customers, prices start from as little as £21 per month on Vodafone’s 35mbs Superfast Broadband with Vodafone Together.  For new customers without a mobile plan, prices start at £23 per month for 35mbs Superfast Broadband, and £25 per month for 67mbs Superfast Broadband, giving a huge saving of over £700 in comparison to a similar service currently offered by BT.

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