realme gt2 serie back
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Realme has just revealed a few back shots of the new realme GT 2 Series, also announcing the new series will launch on January 4th in China. Co-designed with Naoto Fukasawa. Inspired by paper, realme GT 2 Pro is the world-first smartphone with a bio-based polymer design.

realme gt2 serie back
For the latest release in the successful GT lineup, the realme design studio has once again teamed up with Naoto Fukasawa to bring forth Paper Tech Master Design for a sustainable product design with “The Future in Paper” as the core design inspiration, which is the perfect combination of functionality and sustainability, technology and aesthetics, modernness and tradition.

Starting from realme 1, “Power Meets Style” has been realme’s guiding principle and founding product philosophy. Therefore Performance & Design are considered as two key pillars of realme’s products. Realme products follow these to provide the leap-forward experience global users have come to expect.

realme gt2 serie back 2

As the most premium flagship ever by realme, realme GT 2 Pro comes with the special Paper Tech Master Design. Paper is premium, neat and light. Naoto Fukasawa uses the element of the paper texture on the realme GT 2 Series, bringing the Beauty of the paper to the mobile.

Cutting-edge technologies, trendsetting designs and accessibility for young customers have always been the cornerstones of realme’s rapid growth. In the realme GT 2 Series Special Event, realme introduced three world firsts: a back panel made of bio-polymer material, a 150° ultra-wide camera, and realme’s Innovation Forward Communication.

realme gt2 serie back 3

realme believes materials can break design boundaries in all directions. Distinctive product design is essential for all realme products, but the environment will not be sacrificed in its name. This is where realme thinks style and sustainability don’t need to be mutually exclusive. realme believes in the harmony between the environment and technology.

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