OnePlus 12
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OnePlus has just revealed the eagerly anticipated design of its upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 12. Building upon the successful OnePlus 11, the OnePlus 12 embodies a deliberate evolution, integrating refinements and purposeful alterations that elevate the user experience.

A significant alteration in the OnePlus 12’s design is the relocation of the iconic Alert Slider to the left-hand side of the phone. This strategic move not only accommodates a new integrated antenna but also enhances antenna performance, specifically tailored for gaming enthusiasts. Extensive internal testing determined that optimal gaming antenna placement lies between the user’s forefingers in landscape mode—a space previously occupied by the Alert Slider in the OnePlus 11. By relocating the Alert Slider, the OnePlus 12 maximizes the potential for improved gaming antennas.

OnePlus 12

However, this repositioning posed a challenge in maintaining optimal antenna signal strength on the same side of the device. To overcome this hurdle, OnePlus implemented cutting-edge technologies like Ultra-compact Full-band Antenna and Alert Slider Antenna Integration, minimizing the space required by the Alert Slider while ensuring superior antenna performance.

Consequently, the OnePlus 12 strikes a balance between enhanced antenna signal strength and retaining the iconic Alert Slider feature. Lab tests conducted by OnePlus reveal a 3dB improvement in gaming antenna signal and a 15% reduction in game latency on the OnePlus 12.

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The OnePlus 12’s design journey embraces the concept of “Flowy Emerald,” inspired by the unconfined beauty of nature amidst a world dominated by structured cityscapes. Drawing inspiration from the untamed allure of nature, particularly the Dart River, the design team sought to capture its free-flowing essence. By immersing themselves in the river’s captivating environment, they envisioned infusing the OnePlus 12’s design with the same elegance that defines its braided channels.

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To replicate the mesmerizing beauty of the braided river onto the OnePlus 12, the design team utilized the phone’s 3X periscope telephoto camera supported by the 4th Gen Hasselblad Camera for Mobile. Employing cutting-edge AG (Anti-Glare) technology, they meticulously etched the river’s interwoven strands onto the device’s glass surface. The result is a stunningly crafted texture that seamlessly merges with the device’s sophisticated technology, portraying the vibrant essence of nature intertwined with cutting-edge innovation.