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Alcantara has been chosen by Lenovo, as a material partner for the new YOGA Tab 13 is fully upgraded from visual, auditory, tactile dimensions that combined with the material offer users a unique experience.

Yoga pad 13

The soft-touch material dresses the back of the YOGA Tab 13 thanks to its versatility complements the minimalist style of the YOGA Tab 13. The perfect combination of Alcantara and Yoga Tab 13 is not only takes the visual experience to a new level but also gives the product a soft and delicate touch for an incredible experience.

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Alcantara, a highly innovative and excellent material, 100% Made In Italy, is the perfect mixture of aesthetic and functionality. Its ability to capture all the senses, combined with a serious and certified commitment to sustainability made it the first Italian company to receive the ‘Carbon Neutral’ Status in 2009, making the brand a truly contemporary lifestyle iconic.

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There are infinite possible uses of Alcantara, which never ceases to amaze and exceed every expectation. Thanks to its versatility, Alcantara is used in all many application sectors, such as consumer electronics, automotive, fashion and interior design, just to mention a few.

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