Curve Bike 79 plus from 3 per month connectivity subscription fee 14
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Vodafone has today announced the next addition to its consumer smart tech offering with the launch of the Curve Bike light & GPS tracker.  The new device is available to purchase for £79 (plus from £3 a month connectivity subscription fee)

Curve Bike 79 plus from 3 per month connectivity subscription fee 1

With an ultrabright LED and three light modes that automatically brightens when braking, the Curve Bike light & GPS tracker gives cyclists a safer ride no matter what time of day it is. The device combines intelligent lighting with GPS tracking and connection to Vodafone’s global network with a built-in Smart SIM providing assurance that the rider is safer and that the bike is secure.

The new IoT device features a ‘Security Mode’ with ‘Movement Alerts’ that activates a siren (107dB) if the bike starts moving. This will then send location alerts straight to your smartphone and enable the live location to be tracked in the Vodafone Smart App. GPS tracking means the rider can view each ride in the app, logging distance and duration.

‘Impact Detection’ and ‘Help Alerts’ can also notify a rider’s trusted contacts if a fall is detected, sending either a push notification, SMS or an automated call to let them know where the rider is.

The global pandemic has sparked a cycling revolution, since last Autumn there had been a year-on-year increase in cycling of 20% in the UK. With more British people cycling than ever before, the launch of Curve Bike light & GPS tracker provides an ideal solution for both new and experienced cyclists looking for greater peace of mind on the road and when storing their bike.

Curve Bike 79 plus from 3 per month connectivity subscription fee 14

Research by Vodafone revealed that poor visibility and dark conditions on the roads [53%], fear of being hit from behind [44%], poor bike security [26%] and being in an accident unnoticed by others [26%] are among the top concerns troubling riders in the UK.

Designed to meet riders needs on and off the bike, the Curve Bike light & GPS tracker has been co-created with cyclists. With a lightweight design, long-lasting battery, easy to set location zones and a security bolt to help prevent theft, the all-in-one bike safety solution combines form, functionality and durability.

Curve Bike light & GPS tracker joins the Curve family of tracking devices built on Vodafone’s IoT platform. It follows Neo – the kid’s smartwatch developed in collaboration with Disney which launched earlier this year – and the multi-use Curve smart GPS tracker.

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Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK comments: “Curve Bike light & GPS tracker is the latest addition to our exciting range of smart tech products. The tracker, which was co-created with cyclists, helps to provide a safer commuting experience and is designed to provide reassurance to both the cyclist and their loved ones – something that people crave to ensure their journey is enjoyable and as worry-free as possible”.

Curve Bike light & GPS tracker key device features include:

  • Intelligent brake light:  Responds to rider speed and shines brighter if they brake suddenly.
  • The ultrabright rear LED:  Up to 40 lumens when braking and three light modes – blink, pulsate or solid beams.
  • Impact Detection and Help Alerts: Notifies riders of trusted contacts if they have a fall. Sends either push notification, SMS or automated call to let them know where they are.
  • GPS tracker with built-in Vodafone Smart SIM: Uses GPS tracking so riders can track each ride in the app or follow their bike in real-time if it moves without them. Unlike Bluetooth-only trackers, it has a built-in Vodafone Smart SIM that connects to the Vodafone network so the bike can be checked from a distance.
  • Security Mode with siren and movement alerts: If the bike is moved when Security Mode is armed, a 107dB siren sounds and sends a movement alert to the cyclist’s phone so they can track the live location in the app. Riders can disarm these features remotely in the app.
  • Ride insights: Riders can create a profile for their bike and see the history of their rides.
  • Zones: Zones can be set from the Vodafone Smart App enabling riders to get alerts when their bike enters or leaves them.
  • Curve Bike light & GPS tracker is sleek, durable and waterproof certified IP67, fitting easily onto the bike’s seat post. It includes a security bolt to help prevent theft, and if the bike can’t be located when parked, the Vodafone Smart App can be used to make the device play a sound.
  • Easily charged: Twist off the light and remove the tracker from the Seatpost to charge.
  • The tracker lasts up to 4.5 days on standby and the light up to 7.5 hours when in use

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