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Realme today officially announced its first 108MP ProLight Camera in the realme number series globally, powered by Samsung ISOCELL HM6. The realme number series is popular with young people worldwide, providing a premium imaging experience that exceeds market position. With a history of pushing photography boundaries in affordable devices, realme 5 Pro was one of the first mid-range smartphones to feature a 48MP camera, and realme 8 was one of the few smartphones to feature a 64MP camera. With realme 9, we are ready to bring forth a breakthrough.

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NonaPixel Plus Technology Featuring 9Sum Pixel Binning

The latest NonaPixel Plus technology, upgraded from the traditional 3Sum-3Avg solution to an unprecedented 9Sum readout solution, brings superb brightness to photos taken by realme 9. In practice, the 9Sum Pixel Binning solution from NonaPixel Plus technology improves the overall light intake by 123% compared to the Samsung ISOCELL HM2 image sensor. Moreover, after the actual photo comparison, realme finds that the low-light photo shot on realme 9 is significantly brighter with better colour reproduction.


In-sensor Ultra-Zoom Technology

In a bid to provide users with a high-quality photo experience, realme 9 utilises the HM6 sensor’s in-sensor ultra-zoom technology with a merging algorithm to create a beautiful zoomed-in shot to get closer to the details and compose photos the way they want them.

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